​International Yoga Day ​in Seychelles​


Mahe (Seychelles):  The International Yoga day was held on the 19th June, a holiday here in Seychelles. The occasion was graced by the Ministers for Sports & Health- Madam Edith Alexander and Mr Adar respectively among other dignitaries and of course the Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles Dr. Ausaf Sayeed.

The Brahma Kumaris was involved in the planning and participated as well in the events of the yoga day- IDY in Seychelles this year was unique in that we had two Yoga Sessions as many people were expected. There were also yoga sessions for the children and the elderly, as well as other presentations from various groups including the Art of Living, Chinese group, yoga Associations of Seychelles and the Brahma Kumaris.

The celebrations started with speeches from the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian High Commissioner and the Minister for Culture & sports. Just before the Yoga sessions started, all the Yoga Instructors including Bro Francis were garlanded with a shawl & awarded a certificate of participation. To conclude the yoga Sessions, Bro Francis, Sisters Valentina, Elke & Jeany Conducted Meditation through a powerful commentary by Sister Elke.(photo to follow)

IDY Service Report 2017.docx