Women, The Torch Bearers of Value Based Society


Chennai, 17th Dec. 2017: The Brahma Kumaris organised a conference at Happy Village Retreat Centre, highlighting the role of women in establishing the values in society. On this occasion, The Deputy Inspector General of Police Mrs. P.C. Thenmozhi from Kancheepuram indicated that when we lose our deity virtues, evil characters play through us therefore women need to upgrade themselves to value added persons. Dr. G. Valli, Vic eChancellor, Mother Teresa Women’s  University, Kodaikanal, emphasized on focusing on the specialties present in them by understanding their power of sub- conscious mind and using it effectively.

Rajyogini B.K. Chakradhari, Chairperson, Women’s Wing, RERF said that both women and men get equal status through the knowledge of the spirituality. Without this education there cannot be equal status.   Rajyogini B.K. Sharda, National Coordinator, Women’s Wing, RERF told Women were worshipped and respected as Goddess and Motherland, but as they lost their self-respect they lost their peace and prosperity. When they demonstrate virtues like mercy, compassion, they will become torch bearers of the society.

Sister BK Beena, Service Coordinator, Tamilnadu Zone, explained about the organisation and told that The Brahma Kumaris is the only spiritual institution lead by Women where more than 10 lakh families are practicing Rajyoga Meditation. B.K. Muthumani, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Chennai made everyone to taste the flavour of meditation with her guided meditation. Sister B.K. Uma, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Thiruvannamalai conducted a session on ‘Key to Happiness’. She told that the happiness is our natural quality, we need to perform our activities with happiness instead of searching for it.

A Panel Discussion on Harbingers of Peace was also held for the benefit of the audience and to clarify the prevailing doubts in the society.