All India Educators Conference on “From the Empowered India Towards the Golden Age” Concluded  

Abu Road/Mt. Abu: The Valedictory Session of the All India Senior Secondary Teachers’ Conference on “From the Empowered India Towards the Golden Age” was conducted at the Diamond Hall of Brahma Kumaris’ Shantivan Campus on September 24, 2017 at 6.00 p.m. and with participation of  senior secondary teachers from all over India and Nepal.
Prof. S.R. Nirajana, Vice Chancellor, Gulbarga University, Karnataka, said, “Knowledge is power. Education is a paradise for human beings. Those who have got education have got their third eye opened. Education will change the face of the nation and life. All universities are only talking of quality education but there is no practical implementation. Whereas other universities are only giving degrees, the Brahma Kumaris is the only university in the world imparting value and spiritual education for peace, values, spiritual happiness and quality life. Students are now obsessed with computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. The days of dictating and taking notes are gone. They are downloading study materials from the internet through computer. But, computer will not give them peace, values and spirituality. Due to lack of spiritual thinking, the students are moving towards committing crimes after getting their degrees. Now, the role of the teachers is to play the role of good counselor in spiritual matters.” He also expressed that he was quite impressed with the spiritual activities of the Organization and highlighted some of its objectives, which will help in transforming secondary education and in making a noble India.
B.K. Karuna, Director, Information & Public Relations, the Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, participating as the Chairperson of the session, said, “The teachers are our hopes. You are the responsible instruments for whatever is merged in the students. I still remember my primary teachers. Whatever I have become now, it is their contribution. But, today, whatever is taught to students, there is no sanskar in them. The Indian culture makes true human being from the very beginning of childhood. The B. K. Organization is imparting the values of earlier Gurukul education where the teachers were called Gurus, but here God is the Satguru, the Supreme Teacher of all teachers. He is Incorporeal, Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram, who is instilling the real Indian values, spirituality and culture now. You have already understood and realized the importance of the value and spiritual education of the B. K. Organization along with the teaching of the subjects of the study, give value and spiritual education to your students and teach them the art of living.”
Dr. B. K. Ved Guliani, Executive Member, Education Wing, Hisar, said, “When a candle is able to disperse darkness, the bright torch of knowledge will, undoubtedly, finish the darkness of ignorance from the society. The teachers should not wait for the directives or circulars to come from the government to bring about changes in themselves and education system. Rather, they themselves should take the initiative for self-change.” He shared his experience as a child in school of telling truth that he had not touched the feet of his parents while coming to school at the enquiry of the school’s new Principal, who was quite happy that there was one child in the assembly who had the courage of telling the truth. In the like manner, teachers and students should inculcate values in life without expecting directives or circulars from the government. In order to take the empowered India towards the Golden Age, we teachers should also make personal and individual efforts through various campaigns all over India, and thereby become the role models for students and others to follow. He also added, “The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was of the considered opinion that Brahma Kumaris are engaged in the noble task of spiritual development not only through speech and preaching but also that they practice and demonstrate in their life and manners whatever they preach.”
B.K. Mruthyunjaya, Vice Chairperson, Education Wing (RERF), Mount Abu, said, “The term ‘teacher’ itself has great value. Teachers should become tower of knowledge, peace, purity and bliss. Their role is to rectify the weaknesses of students. They should follow the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris in the field of values and spirituality and inculcate them in personal life to motivate the students.” He also mentioned that former UGC Chairman Prof. Hari Gautam, who had a very high opinion of the Brahma Kumaris university when he stated, “ We have  different universities, but the Brahma  Kumaris university is the only spiritual/Godly university.”
Rajyogini B. K. Vijaya, Sub-Zone In-charge, the Brahma Kumaris, Gulbarga, Karnataka, said, “Teachers, soldiers and farmers have the responsible role in building the nation. Teachers are called the architects because the destiny of the nation lies in its classrooms. There is a need to align the material knowledge with spiritual knowledge; the former fulfills our physical necessities, comforts and luxuries whereas the latter gives us the value system, inner peace and inspires us to lead a value-based moral and spiritual life. The former gives us facts and information, but the latter gives us inspiration and intuition for self-transformation. Teachers and students should try to harmonize between the two types of knowledge in their life. In order to take India to Golden Age, we should mold our own sanskars, because a better world depends on better sanskars.” She also transported the gathering to the metaphysical Soul World for connecting their souls with God, the Supreme Soul, through her powerful and effective Rajayoga commentary.
Dr. B.K. Yudhisthir, Executive Member, Education Wing (RE &RF) and Associate Editor, The World Renewal, offered vote of thanks to the guests and speakers on the dais and the participating teacher fraternity in the gathering.
B.K. Harish, Head Quarter Coordinator, Administrators Service Wing (RERF), Mount Abu, coordinated the stage activities very effectively and successfully that kept everyone in the Hall attentive to the programme and speeches of the dignitaries.