Who Is Responsible For My Destinty?

Many of us believe that God writes our destiny. We need to pause and introspect on this belief. If God wrote our destiny, two things would happen: First, since we are all children of God, all our destinies would have been equal. Second, as our parent God would have written a perfect destiny for all of us. Today our destinies are neither equal, nor perfect.

We also believed the spiritual law which states – “As is my Karma, so will be my destiny.” Our karmas are not always perfect and we all do not create identical karmas. So our destiny is not neither perfect nor equal. We need to ask our self which of these two beliefs feels right for us.

Karma in Sanskrit means action. Law of Karma is about action and reaction, or cause and effect. Karmic law is constantly working in our lives as Karma includes our every thought, every word and every action.

As per the Law of Karma, every action – however small or significant – has a consequence. The consequence is always fair. Right action brings a good consequence and wrong action brings a difficult one. Certain karmas may result in an immediate result. Other karmas may have consequence coming back an hour later, a year later, 20 years later, 50 years later, or in a future lifetime.


Suppose a person eats 4 Ice-creams at a time instead of one. This amounts to a negative karma in terms of greed, abuse of his physical health and ignorance. So he is likely to face an immediate consequence in the form of a headache, or consequence after two days in the form of cold or flu. In this case we can map the karma with the consequence. It is easy to see the working of Law of Karma. 

However when we see the effects of karma on a subtle level, we will not be able to map consequence with the karma, since the karma might have been performed years ago or even in a past birth.

We need not worry about that aspect of identifying the cause. It is enough if we remember that –

(1) The Law of Karma is always accurate and always fair to everyone.
(2) Our present situation is only a result of our past karma. So we are responsible for everything that happens to us.
(3) Our present karma decides our future so we have the power to create our destiny.

Whether we believe in it or not, the Law Of Karma is in action. We need not fear the law but let us be aware of it.
We also need to remember that Karma includes thoughts also, not just words and actions.
So let us focus on right thinkin
g, speaking and behaving, to create a beautiful destiny.

Karma teaches me that at every step, I am the creator of my own little world, the creator of my future circumstances. I also am the creator of the environment immediately around me. On a bigger level I am a co-creator or partner, together with God, of a positive future of the world, of the world of tomorrow, of the world of peace, love and happiness.

So my responsibility and my ability to influence the future is not restricted to my life alone.    That I can create the future of my choice – of love, peace and happiness, for myself and others, can appear as unreasonable optimism. It’s just being realistic. What I create is what is going to happen. If I choose to transmit love and peace in my interactions with others today, I create relationships, in the present and for the future, based on those qualities.

–Sister BK Shivani–
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