‘Being a Woman is Art’ – Women’s Day Programme in Moscow


Moscow: At the beginning of March, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow organized a public programme dedicated to the International Day of Women. There was a wonderful atmosphere of festivity, lightness and warmth, created both by the participants and guests of the programme.

BK Nadezhda Yakovleva, poetess and member of the Union of Writers of Russian Federation, chose an unusual form of interacting with the audience and participants of the concert. She connected all the items with a red thread of short poems.

The irreplaceable decoration of the evening was the music performed by the instrumental ensemble “Lyre”.  The congratulations in the form of poetry were also expressed by Mr. Leonid Potemkin, member of the Literary Union “Russich”, and Mrs. Liudmila Shatalova, poetess, candidate of pedagogical sciences.

The performances of young participants of the programme became a special gift for all the mothers and grandmothers. The children were singing songs and reciting poems, dedicating them to their beloved mums and all the women of the world.

The beautiful dance with the torch,  performed by BK students, was dedicated to all the victorious women of the world. The performance charged the hall with light and pure energy and filled the hearts of all the present in the gathering  with joy and enthusiasm.

BK Larisa and BK Elena  sang a beautiful song about God’s love for mothers and their great part in the transformation of the planet Earth.

Mother is the holiest person in our life. Mother’s love is like a garden where there is eternal spring and the sunshine. She can create an atmosphere of love and care and maintain the family hearth. Her heart is always loving and forgiving…

The programme ended with candle lighting ceremony and sharing sweets, gifts and blessings to al the participants. The hearts of all were filled with special feelings of joy and contentment, and faces were shining with beautiful smiles.

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