🇲🇰🇲🇰 Brahma Kumaris Celebrated Shivrartri at Gyan Sarovar Academy, Mount Abu 🇲🇰🇲🇰


Mount Abu (Raj.): The Brahma Kumaris celebrated ShivRatri at Gyan Sarovar and Global Hospital in Mount Abu with great splendor.

Dr. BK Nirmala, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Gyansarovar, gave greetings to all for Shivratri celebrations. She said,” On this special day, we are very fortunate to have the presence of Dadi Ishu and other Seniors from Shantivan. We are very grateful to have them here in Gyan Sarovar.” She further said, “God helps us to make progress by sharing new lessons with us every day. We  should always remain busy in meditation and service.”  She also reminded that, “We have to serve to make others similar to ourselves; have to be always sweet and royal and never give sorrow to anyone. She said, “Our ultimate goal is to glorify God’s name and we will definitely do that by bringing God’s knowledge in our practical lives.” Addressing the gathering at Gyan Sarovar, Dadi Ishu, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, said that she is overjoyed to meet everyone and expressed her heartfelt blessings on the occasion of Shiv Jayanti.

BK Brijmohan, Additional General Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris, shared the rejoice of hoisting God Shiva’s flag, “The flag symbolizes the identity of one’s culture, nation or religion. God Shiva is eternal and infinite, so is His flag.” Sharing the importance of the flag, he said, “It is God’s wonder that only when His flag is hoisted, there comes oneness in the world. He recalled the time of Satyug (Golden Age) when there is one religion, one kingdom, and one language.” He added, “In Satyug, deities don’t hoist any flag but then after many different flags are being hoisted, which shows the division in this world. That is why God has created one family to bring oneness to the whole world. It is only through unity in the BK family that will bring oneness in this world.” He further said, “God Shiva’s flag flies in our heart. We salute and owe to this flag. This flag hoisting is symbolic of our victory and the victory of the whole world through oneness. The natural flying of God’s flag is the sign of happiness waving in our hearts. So by constantly remaining happy, we can hoist God’s flag forever in this world.

BK Karuna, Chief Spokesperson of the Brahma Kumaris, congratulating everyone said that, We are in God’s Heart and God is in our heart. God is our companion. Let’s practice that, we don’t have anything in the world and in the heart except One God. BK Sheilu, Vice-Chairperson of the Education Wing, said that saying Om Shanti three times, reminds of Dadi Janki, Former Chief of Brahma Kumaris. Today as we are celebrating Shiv Jayanti in Gyan Sarovar, the Adi Ratans ( the Original Jewels of the Brahma Kumaris ) are showering their blessings. She shared the loving memories when Dadi Janki, Dadi Chandramani, and other Dadis would honor the occasion of Shiv Jayanti by hosting a flag. We all are one Godly family, belonging to one God and will always remain united.” She inspired everyone to take a pledge under Shiv Baba’s flag and live those promises in practical life, thus glorifying God’s name in the whole world.”

BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, BK Mohan Singhal, Chairperson of Scientist and Engineers Wing, shared their greetings and good wishes on Shiv Jayanti. BK Suman, National Coordinator of the Education wing, coordinated the event and thanked everyone.

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