Brahma Kumaris’ Chief, Dadi Janki Inaugurates ‘Harmony House’ in Vizag


Vizag (AP): Rev. Dadi Janki, the Chief of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation, inaugurated “Harmony House,” the newly built center of the Brahma Kumaris here which stands facing the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The inauguration coincided with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the local center of the Brahma Kumaris, situated in the busy and posh area of Maharanipeta, in Vishakhapatnam.

Dadi Janki began her address on the sweet note of Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul). She shared jewels of her wisdom and knowledge when she said that she is married to the One Father (God), who is big-hearted and He belongs to her, as does she. She said she has three children, namely: peace, happiness and love. Further, Dadi Janki said that she practices economy in her words, time, money, thoughts and speech and has never heard ill of others. She said that the service of humanity gives her immense happiness and she finds Allah, Ishwar – the Father, Mother, Teacher, Friend, and Preceptor – right before her, wherever she goes.

This programme was followed with the cutting of cake and beautiful dances performances by children, who were joined by the gathering, who swayed to the tunes of Godly intoxication.

On this occasion, Dadi Janki was accompanied by BK Santosh, Zone Incharge, Maharastra Zone and BK Godavari, Subzone In-charge, Brahma Kumaris, Mulund Subzone. Present on the dais were Senior Sisters BK Kuldeep, Director from Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre, Hyderabad, BK Annapurna from Vijayanagaram, BK Rajani from Kakinada, BK Vijaya from Karimnagar, BK Sita, BK Veni, BK Manisha and BK Shivalila.

BK Sita said that to be able to fulfill and accomplish God’s mission, we must develop within unity, harmony and the quality to work together. Recalling Dadi Prakash Mani ji’s visit to Vishakhapatnam in 1982, BK Veni said that Dadi’s dream of seeing Visakhapatnam become a Vishal Dilwalal (large-hearted) stands true, today.

Amidst the packed auditorium, Dadi Janki was greeted with waving balloons, claps, cheers and a standing ovation – a scene short of words. The atmosphere reverberated with joy and happiness, as young and old, both, became childlike.