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Enlightened Media for Building a Better World

Media generally means as an instrument, a tool or a medium. Journalists use this medium for communicating information and knowledge, to inspire and to educate people.  Therefore, when we address it as illumined or enlightened...

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Yoga For A Sound Mind In A Sound Body

Globally, celebrations on the International Day of Yoga are mostly about hatha yoga, which is by far the most popular aspect of yoga across the world. This, however, distracts us from the essence of...

Brahma Kumaris Celebrate International Yoga Day at Red Fort, Delhi

Delhi: A huge gathering of about 50,000 yoga enthusiasts joined to celebrate International Day of Yoga(IDY) organised by the Brahma Kumaris at Red Fort, New Delhi. The event began with the live telecast of the speeches of...

Video Message of ​Dadi Janki​, Chief of Brahma Kumaris​ ​on International Yoga Day 2018

​Mount Abu, India): Please see the attached Video Message (youtube link) of ​ Dadi Janki​, Chief of Brahma Kumaris​ on the eve of International Yoga Day. Watch Dadi as she unravels the the deepest secrets and...

Shivamantran Magazine – Jun 2018

Shive Amantran – Jun 2018