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Enlightened Media for Building a Better World

Media generally means as an instrument, a tool or a medium. Journalists use this medium for communicating information and knowledge, to inspire and to educate people.  Therefore, when we address it as illumined or enlightened...

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Short Video for International Yoga Day

Mount Abu: ​In order to promote International Yoga Day event fully, the Brahma Kumaris’ Godlywood Studio has  made a short video on the topic which features message from the Ayush Minister Mr. Shri Pad Yesso Nayak...

Promoting Regional Culture in Godlywood Studio

Mt Abu / Abu Road: As the essence of India lies in its diversity and unity in diversity being our motto, the Godlywood Studio promotes the rich and varied regional culture by bringing it...

Short ​V​ideo on ​ ​international Yoga day. ​