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‘Resetting Media Agenda for Value Based Society’

Creation of a value-based society is the first and foremost need of the hour. Depletion of human values from the society has caused the emergence of violence, adulteration and corruption in vast and widespread...

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Value-Based Education and Yoga will be Taught at Government Institutes in Jharkhand: Governor Draupadi...

Jamshedpur: “Value-based education and yoga will be taught at government schools and higher academic institutes in Jharkhand”, Governor Draupadi Murmu announced this while inaugurating the one-day educationalists’ conference on “Values, Yoga & Spirituality for Global Transformation” at Jamshedpur...

Brahma Kumaris Women and Spirituality Group Conducts Dialogue on “Compassion in Action” in London

London: 60 women from many cultures and faiths came together to share in a coffee morning with the Religions for Peace UK Women of Faith Network and the Brahma Kumaris Women and Spirituality Group at the...