Celebrate Every Moment – An Inspirational Talk by BK Shivani in Patiala


Patiala(PB): Sister BK Shivani, Senior Rajayoga Teacher and Motivational Trainer said, “Anger consumes us from inside but we take it as a power. The real powers are patience and tolerance. Each human wishes for peace, joy and power, good behaviour, love and respect in relationships. We are responsible for our state of mind. There shall be adversities in our life but it is in our hands to cross them. Through the practice of Rajayoga Meditation only, we can experience all relationships with the Supreme Power, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Father.” She touched upon the relevance of conscious living and meditation to improve the quality of life. She also stressed the role of meditation in solving the rampant drug abuse problem of Punjab.

The residents of the Royal city of Patiala received a treat and an early New Year gift’s when BK Shivani graced a two-day program called “Celebrate Every Moment” in Patiala.

Suresh Oberoi, a renowned film actor and host of the show Awakening With Brahma  Kumaris, accompanied her as the Special Guest. He shared his experience with the Brahma Kumaris and said, “Our happiness is in our hands, what is needed is transforming the self.”

Vijay Inder Singla, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Punjab and BK Shanta, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Patiala, welcomed BK Shivani and Suresh Oberoi on behalf of the citizens of Punjab. Mr Singla appreciated the commendable and incredible efforts being done by the Brahma Kumaris for social reform.

About 10,000 audience members, which included the top brass of Patiala’s administration, municipality, police, judiciary, medical fraternity, academicians, students and senior citizens attended with great fanfare. The Vice Chancellor of Punjab University thanked BK Shivani for bringing a fresh air of spirituality into the campus.

BK Shivani managed to strike a chord with the Patialavis, who bade her a reluctant farewell, already looking forward to her next visit.