Draupadi Murmu , the Governor of Jharkhand Inaugurates Jurists Seminar at Kumbh Mela


Prayagraj (UP): H.E.  Draupadi Murmu , the Governor of Jharkhand State, lauded the efforts of Brahma Kumaris and shared how she personally feels rejuvenated every time she spends time with the sisters who lead exemplary lives. She urged people to take a dip in the ocean of knowledge everyday as the Brahma Kumaris do and churn the ocean of mind with Rajayoga. This will separate poison from nectar. Self-change is a must to usher in the Golden Age.

Honorable Governor was speaking as chief guest at a seminar for Jurists at the ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram Fair’ at Kumbh Mela with the theme ‘Spiritual Wisdom for Better Jurisprudence’.

Saraswati Devi, Solicitor Advocate of Malaysia and Vice President of World Constitution and Parliament Association said that justice is on the decline these days. It is our duty to do good karmas and restore good values in society once again.

BK Sushma, Zonal co-ordinator of Business Wing, Brahma Kumaris, Jaipur  said that according to the Supreme Father, real justice is that which keeps everyone happy and fulfilled. Before asking for justice to be done to us,we must become just ourselves.

BK Radha, Zonal co-ordinator Administrative Wing, Brahma Kumaris, Lucknow shared that justice and truthfulness are the innate qualities of every soul. Because of wrong identifications with other things, people loose track of these. She made everyone practice Rajayoga meditation.

The event concluded with a pledge to increase values of truth and justice by being the change we wish to see. Many advocates were also felicitated by the Governor on this occasion.