Climate Awareness Drive by Brahma Kumaris in Canada and U.S.


Mount Abu (India) : Mr. Golo Pilz, Solar Energy Consultant, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation, Germany/Mount Abu, traveled to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle and finally San Francisco during his Climate awareness drive in America and conducted programs at these places.

Golo Pilz (BK Golo) spoke about climate change, solar energy projects of Brahma Kumaris and the required lifestyle change. He highlighted the connection between the inner and outer worlds and that we all can create a better world by a transforming our awareness and thoughts.

BK Golo also visited the famous glaciers in Jasper national park and could see first-hand the dramatic melting of these important sweet water reservoirs. Vancouver was recovering from the smoke of the biggest forest fires ever in history in British Columbia. There has been serious drought in British Columbia, and in California. There have been forest fires everywhere. There was a program in the Vancouver centre and then a journey to San Francisco via Seattle. There was a well-attended program at the Anubhuti Retreat center, just north of San Francisco.

On the evening of 11th September, there was the opening of the interfaith programs in the Grace Cathedral by the local bishop. In attendance were Governor Brown, Minority Congress Leader Nancy Pelosi, UNFCCC former and present Executive directors Mrs Figueres and Mrs Espinosa and many others. BK Green team – BK Elizabeth, BK Shubra, BK Juan, BK Gordon and BK Golo joined in full strength.

The program began with blessings invoked by the native people. Then, the different faiths entered the cathedral in procession. The Hindu procession was led by Sister BK Elizabeth who sang ‘Om Shanti Om’ beautifully in front of the whole gathering.  The program lasted about two hours.

Afterwards many of the faith organizations gave presentations of their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions – using more solar energy or switching to Vegetarian food. After the program, BK Golo briefly met Mrs Figueres, former executive secretary of UNFCCC and one of the architects of the Paris climate agreement.

There were 2 workshops at the Cathedral premises by BK Golo and BK Elizabeth on “Managing from Within” and BK Juan and BK Gordon on “Changemaker”. The same day, BK Golo gave a talk at the San Francisco center which is affiliated to the Global Climate summit.  He met the local BK class and the Green Team.

The climate action summit ( )  was held at from 12th to 14th at the Moscone center in San Francisco. Around 4000 delegates from all over the world met there.  They called on national governments to join forces to step up climate action ahead of 2020—the year when global greenhouse gases need to peak and then to fall sharply to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The summit was all about announcing plans and ideas of local governments, regions, cities and companies to reduce their emissions. California Governor Brown announced that the state wants to become carbon neutral by 2045. In the whole San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the world during the week of 10th-14th September, climate action panels, workshops, tours, exhibits and other special events had been organized in connection to this summit.

On the 14th September, BK Juan, BK Elisabeth and BK Golo attended the last day of the conference to listen to the various statements and announcements.  They participated in various panels. It was made clear that we are in the midst of climate change already and drastic action is required.  It was also clear that people want to see real action and measurable reduction of emissions now.

On 15th Sept. BK Golo Pilz was interviewed by a local radio station. BK green team met many friends, made new contacts and shared our message “Change yourself and then change the world”.



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