Health & Happiness For All: Public Event to Mark 50 Years of Brahma Kumaris Service in Chandigarh


Chandigarh (Punjab): Smart cities with old-age homes is not happiness, said Chandigarh Mayor Davesh Moudgil at a function of the Brahma Kumaris on ‘Health and Happiness for all’ to mark 50 years of the organisation offering its services in the city. Addressing a packed gathering at the Tagore Theatre, the Mayor said that “Everyone has the right energy. It is only a matter of guiding it on to the right path.” He said that he takes pride in welcoming all to the function of the Brahma Kumaris. “They are spreading positivity all around.”

The Mayor added that, as we move towards a being a smart city, it is important that we realize that happiness lies in being true to our culture as well. We must ensure that we do not have old-age homes in the smart city that we ultimately live in. Tolerance is a key quality to be happy.

Brahma Kumaris, as the organisation, is widely known for having recently completed 50 years of service in the city. The function was organized to celebrate that achievement with Dadi RatanMohiniJi, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, from the headquarters based in Mount Abu, serving as the key personage of the seminar.  Dadi Ratan Mohini, in her address, said that contentment and giving space in your heart and soul to God is the key to happiness. The function also marked the fourth death anniversary year of Rajyogini Didi Achal ji, one of the founders of the Brahma Kumaris in Punjab.

BK Amir Chand, Director, Brahma Kumaris in Punjab Zone said to the gathering that in the materialistic world of today, we hear of the wealthy committing suicide. We need to realize the importance of character; the way it dictates our happiness is fundamental.

Delegates from Brahma Kumaris Centres from Abroad i.e. BK Rajni from Japan, BK Meera from Malaysia, and BK Hemalata from Trinidad gifted the city residents with some points on living a happy and healthy life. 

Sister BK Meera from Malaysia, Regional Director, Brahma Kumaris Centres in Malaysia said that health is not only physical, but the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines it as mental, social and spiritual health as well. She added that if we can invest the wealth of time into mental, social and spiritual health, we will always be happy and achieve the ideal health and life as we all desire. Elaborating on the five pointers for attaining these, she added that there are five mantras. They are positive thought, learning mediation, contentment, truthfulness and avoiding fear.

Among others present at the occasion were TC Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary, Skill development and industrial training, Haryana; Former Justice AN Jindal, Punjab and Haryana High Court; and Justice Daya Chaudhary of the high court.

Opening the session, stage moderator BK Anita, Sr. Rajyoga Teacher welcomed the dignitaries onto the stage and said that Rajyoga — which is what we teach at the Brahma Kumaris — means being your own master and learning tolerance and respect for others.

There are 25 thousand families who are followers (students) of the Brahma Kumaris in the tricity itself.