In Sweet Memory of Prajapita Brahma Baba’s 53rd Ascension Anniversary….


Awakening Divinity in Humanity for Building a Better World

Saints, savants and sages down the ages have stressed the practice and promotion of India’s age-old gospel of Vasudheva Kutumbakam–essential unity and brotherhood of mankind under the spiritual fatherhood of Supreme Being—as a necessary precondition for building a better world of universal peace, harmony and happiness.

Pitashri Prajapita Brahma was one such leading luminaries who had dedicated his entire life, wealth, time, thoughts and energy to the uphill task of awakening and strengthening divinity in people and society for the world renewal and regeneration of moral and spiritual character and conduct of humankind.

Pitashri Brahma who was earlier known to the world as Dada Lekhraj Kriplani, was born to a village school teacher in Hyderabad Sindh (now in Pakistan)in 1876. Like morning showing the day, righteous qualities like piety, sobriety, religiosity, philanthropy, compassion and concern for the poor, weaker and vulnerable sections of society, were more manifested from the very childhood days of  Dada Lekhraj.

Born to a highly pious and principled Vallabhachari family, Dada Lekhraj was not only a strict vegetarian and teetotaller but also was an ardent and passionate seeker of truth, divinity and God. In quest of these, he adopted many means such as in-depth study of Bhagawat Gita and other sacred scriptures, constant companionship and worship of Lord Vishnu & Lord Narayan’s idols, regular pilgrimages to holy places, dedicated discipleship of fourteen spiritual preceptors and persistent pursuits and practice of philanthropy and divine disciplines. In spite of all these, he was still feeling far away from true self and God realization.

In the late thirties, at his advanced age of sixty, when Dada was contemplating to embrace Sanyas by relinquishing worldly responsibilities, he had a series of divine visions of Supreme Soul, Jyotirlingam Shiva, of the four-armed Lord Vishnu and other celestial deities of the ensuing golden aged world for the re-establishment of which the providential promptings bestowed on him the divine title and tasks of Prajapita Brahma, the proverbial procreator and the mythological maker of a new world order of Satyugi (golden aged) deity culture and civilization on earth.

Directed by such divine revelations and endowed with the newly ordained mantle of Adi Dev Brahma, Dada Lekhraj gave up his lucrative diamond business to start and sustain an educational process of imparting and infusing godly teachings on universal values, moral character, positive attitude, healthy habits, deity culture and lifestyle among masses without discrimination on any ground, with the help of India’s ancient spiritual wisdom, ethos and rajyoga meditation.

To realize the godly goals of complete peace, purity, progress & prosperity, holistic health, harmony & happiness and value-based life & society on earth; Pitashri Brahma initially set up and ran a spiritual trust called Om Mandli in Hyderabad Sindh in 1936 and later renamed it as Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya after shifting it  to Mount Abu in 1950.

Stressing and carrying on the process of empowerment and transformation from inner to outer, micro to macro and from individual to universal level, Pitashri Brahma accorded priority to spiritual empowerment as the basis for all other kinds of empowerment whether socio-economic, political, cultural or religious. He started a process of spiritual renaissance or revolution keeping women at the forefront as its vanguard. He thought that true social transformation could take place only when the female forces, the till then suppressed section in a male-dominated society raise their voice in an organized way to change the collective consciousness of mankind from negative to positive, unhealthy to healthy and from vicious to virtuous.

He groomed a band of spiritually inclined ladies to take up the leadership of disseminating and spreading the noble knowledge and message of universal love, cooperation, compassion, truth, tolerance, trusteeship and selfless service through the practice of godly rajyoga meditation. He gave a new lease of healthy life, hope and happiness to thousands of seekers and aspirants who were steeped in sins, sorrows and sufferings. After thirty-three years of intensive penance, austerity, sacrifices and extensive services for world peace, unity and brotherhood of mankind, Pitashri Brahma left his mortal body on 18 January, 1969 and ascended to subtle realm by assuming the angelic form of perfection.

He bequeathed a legacy of a large spiritual organization, culture and mission in the hands of his worthy followers especially elderly sisters or Dadijis who later led and helped the institution to grow by leaps and bounds and spread its centers to 132 countries in all continents. Under the leadership of Dadijis, the institution got affiliated to the United Nations as an NGO having consultative status with the UN’s Economic & Social Council and UNICEF. Even, Govt of India’s HRD Ministry, several years back, recognized the institution as Regional Resource Centre to impart Education in Human Values to Secondary & Higher Education teachers and students throughout the country.

Even though Pitashri Brahma is no more in mortal body of blood & flesh but in his angelic form of light and might, he is still guiding his one million staunch followers and the rest of the humanity on the path of spiritual enlightenment, material, mental and moral empowerment & enrichment towards all-engulfing rays of “Divinity, Hope & Happiness”. The global organization – Brahma Kumaris is observing 18th January as World Peace & Meditation Day in commemoration of the Ascension Anniversary of Pitashri Brahma.

Courtesy: Media Wing, RERF, Brahma Kumaris

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