Interview of BK Nirwair, Sec. General of Brahma Kumaris by Dr. Honey Kalaria of NuSound Radio, UK


Mount Abu, Nov. 19: Rajayogi BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, who is celebrating his 80th Birthday today, was interviewed by Dr. Honey Kalaria, Radio Presenter of NuSound Radio of the UK (Radio 92 FM) when Dr. Kalaria visited the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu to attend Media Conference. BK Nirwair shares his personal experiences in his spiritual journey; the global impact of the Brahma Kumaris; the practical potential of BK Raja Yoga to enlighten, connect to the Supreme Being, and empower individuals with their original qualities and virtues to live a peaceful, loving, pure, joyful, life; and daily practical tips for all to contribute to a better world.

Interviewer Dr. Honey Kalaria: “This can relate to any person seeking a right path to grow and contribute towards making this world a better place. There could be a wealth of knowledge in this area, especially Rajayoga, where people could pick up teachings like this, and be inspired like yourself. Only you had a better teacher, Baba (Supreme Father) — very lucky!  There has been a huge, wide impact of the work of the Brahma Kumaris on this world. Are there any facts and figures you would like to share, and insights on the impact it has made?

BK Nirwair:  “First of all, we need to know that it is not the work of a human, a human guru, or a human teacher. There is the realization that this great work is inspired and guided by the Supreme Father Himself whom we very lovingly call “Shiv Baba”.

Dr. Kalaria: “Shiv Baba could be the light power universal consciousness, we call God.”

BK Nirwair:  “Many people are scared of saying the word God. In Australia, I was told ‘Please don’t use that word ‘God.’ I asked them, ‘Who can bring about this change, and these values in life?’ One of the audience members got up and said ‘God.’  In India we all believe in God’s words enshrined in the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita: irreligiousness, unrighteousness, lawlessness.  God descends for what? To guide the righteous and to save the righteous people, and to share the knowledge about those who are not believers. Outwardly they are believers, but otherwise, they don’t believe in the real sense. They don’t believe in the betterment of humanity and so they are preparing for mass destruction. In the Bhagwad Gita, it mentions that those who have communion with God become instruments for positive change, and those who do not have communion with God (because of being corrupt-minded) bring about destruction, which you can see all over the world. There are many people who have the authority to press the button whenever they want. But they are scared; if they do so, they themselves will be destroyed.

“When we learn these things, our inner consciousness says you better work for the betterment of humanity. Human beings, when they are in their virtuous life, they are known as ‘deities’. In English sometimes it is translated as gods and goddesses.  People keep worshiping gods and goddesses; they go to the temples of Lakshmi and Narayan and temples of Ram and Krishna and many other temples. But no one ever thinks that we human beings were in this form.

“So God has revealed this: the time has come. A change has to take place at the end of the Iron Age (Kali Yuga). When these human beings learn Rajayoga (Raja yoga means the highest) which transforms an ordinary human being into a deity, and a deity of that caliber who becomes World Emperor and World Empress Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan. This is mind-boggling.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Absolutely, and such a powerful impact when you raise people’s consciousness to develop humanitarian values. What a huge change can take place. One man, Gandhi, can change the whole of the nation’s history and future; how many wonderful souls can be out there to make such a huge impact in the world. How many people do this Raj yoga across the world?”

BK Nirwair:  “It is difficult to give an exact number; we have more than 8,000 centers worldwide, in Bharat and 140 in other countries.”

Dr. Kalaria: “You also have a worldwide publication that helps to share knowledge and articles of the work that you do; how many are distributed across the world?”

BK Nirwair:  “We have publications in Hindi; one publication is called ‘Gyan Amrit’ (‘Nectar of Knowledge’), which is 350,000 copies.”

Dr. Kalaria: “That’s a huge number of copies and I am sure each copy is being read by all members of the family, which multiplies by five.”

BK Nirwair:  “We have an English magazine named ‘World Renewal’ and a magazine from Delhi named ‘Purity’.

Dr. Kalaria: “What an amazing title.”

BK Nirwair:  “There are other magazines in different languages, in South India languages, and in Nepal, Nepalese.”

Dr. Kalaria: “It seems very extensive. The ideologies are amazing, the scientific findings are amazing; there’s a huge range of all positive things that we could find out about the teachings. What is the long-term vision of the Brahma Kumaris, in the work that it carries out, especially in terms of promoting Rajyoga?”

BK Nirwair:  “Rajyoga is such a valuable way of living. It’s not just sitting and doing some asanas.  In Rajayoga, the consciousness is developed that ‘I am a human soul and I belong to the Supreme Being,’ You derive all the powers, all the values in your life, by connecting with the Supreme; that is Rajayoga when you have those values in life. You express them by sharing with other people in many ways. Many of our brothers and sisters have artistic backgrounds. They prepare beautiful exhibitions. Brothers like Karuna and his team have been working on spreading the message through media and especially through the ‘Peace of Mind’ channel. But there is one thing which we would appreciate: each one of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, they are like living lighthouses for the world. Wherever they will be, they will spread the vibrations there.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Absolutely true, I have personally experienced that. I have not just seen people preaching; you are actually practicing yourself. It’s not just the vibrations you feel, it’s the aura, the beautiful glowing faces, the wonderful peaceful feeling you get in being with these people, so that’s absolutely true.”

BK Nirwair:  “It’s very simple: as you think, so you become. The first lesson we receive in the Brahma Kumaris Organisation is ‘I am a peaceful soul. I belong to the Supreme Being who is the Ocean of peace.’ Being connected with Him as God’s eternal child, I am gifted with that, I only have to keep that consciousness that ‘I am God’s child, an embodiment of purity and peace, love and bliss.’ ”

Dr. Kalaria: “Yes, and absolutely portray those qualities as well.”

BK Nirwair:  “They will be expressed through actions … The only thing that we learned in our childhood, which is even mentioned in Christianity, is that Truth shall prevail, so it’s knowledge or the truth which we call spirituality. That truth shall prevail, and it is prevailing. Slowly, slowly, it’s reaching all corners of the world.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Brahma Kumaris speak about creating a value-based society. Can you elaborate on this?”

BK Nirwair:  “We are in a world with a lot of materialism. People are mostly concentrating on material achievements and accumulating material wealth, even through wrong ways … Once a person starts realizing the self and being an obedient child of the Supreme, then, responsibility emerges in one’s mind that, being God’s child, what is my responsibility? My responsibility is to live such a life that glorifies God’s qualities. In your language they are values, whether it is truth, love or humility, or service to others. These are the qualities which are loved and appreciated by everyone. In that, one thing that I have learned is appreciation of childhood (batchon). Sometimes in India we see parents so concerned about their children’s education; while treating them with love on one side, on the other side sometimes they are scolding.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Instead of motivating, they demotivate them, instead of bringing out their positive qualities.”

BK Nirwair:  “Every year we have a one-week special program for children aged 8 to 16, which is called ‘Personality Development Rajayoga Camp.’ About 2,500 children from all over the country participate every year.’

Dr. Kalaria: “That’s a huge number; it’s great if you are teaching children at this age; what wonderful young members of society they can become.”

BK Nirwair:  “So many sisters went through their formal education and they found that the world needs spiritual values, the world needs to learn the art of meditation, the world needs to think about morality. They decided that they would devote their lives to serving others, bringing home those values to one and all, and they are reaching one and all places.”

Dr. Kalaria: “What if every single human being in this world decides to practice Rajyoga? What impact will it create on this world and its future?”

BK Nirwair: “Firstly, Rajyoga helps a person to evolve internally; in that evolvement, one is spiritual and the other is moral. As you can see all around, there is a lack of moral values. Due to this so many incidents come to our knowledge which are not very pleasing, rather very hurtful. If we can spread this spiritual wisdom, without distinction, everywhere, to every home … With the application of spiritual values and moral values, that can be applied when there is will to do things.  To develop that will, Rajyoga meditation helps.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Yes, Rajyoga will help you to develop and motivate yourself with that inner feeling of wanting to develop in a positive manner.”

BK Nirwair:  “Each home will become like the home of deities, where the children will be known as Shri Radhe and Shri Krishna; parents will be known as Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Wow, it’s so beautiful that if you develop these divine qualities in you then you start to develop what these deities had. As you mentioned, if every single human being on this world starts practicing Rajayoga, what a huge difference would it make? In terms of helping the world with world peace and what’s going to be in the future, how much impact do you think Rajayoga will have?

BK Nirwair:  “The aim of our institution is not to criticize anyone, whatever will happen may happen.  Our work is: can we prepare all our sisters and brothers all over the world to look within and to connect with their own self and connect with the Supreme Being so that we develop the power of inner peace and inner powers. When there is the power of inner peace, inner joy, inner happiness, it spreads. We have found that even places where there is violence, these vibrations help in finishing them.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Absolutely, even I have heard that the power of prayer, the power of well-wishing, and just giving prayer every morning is giving out positive vibrations to help create peace.”

BK Nirwair:  “You can imagine, since this institution was founded 82 years ago, there is meditation going on right from the early morning until evening. Those mediation vibrations go all over the universe and they help.”

Dr. Kalaria: “I have noticed this. This could only be Divine energy doing this kind of work, to have so many divisions, such a well-organised system, place, and such volunteers. So many beautiful wonderful souls coming together towards the mission of hoping and supporting humanity. Yes, definitely, much powerful energy is working behind the scenes.”

BK Nirwair:  “I think it would be better to know the reality. Eighty two years ago Brahma Baba — who was known as Dada Lekhraj, at that time a diamond merchant at Calcutta — had visions of the Supreme Being. Not only visions, but he listened to His words revealing Himself and then revealing world transformation. World transformation means enlightenment of human beings. Because only enlightened human beings would be able to interact with each other in a very positive, peaceful and loving way. There is no other way. Enlightenment of the whole world will lead us to a new age, called Satyug, Golden Age, whatever.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Wow, I am really looking forward to it. I really want to know much more about what you do. Are there any other areas you would like to comment on, any important messages or tips, or anything you would like to share?”

BK Nirwair:  “My humble, humble suggestion is — all the sisters and brothers we call entire humanity – please, when you wake up in the morning, first thing: we need to invoke the Supreme Being and say ‘Good Morning’ to God, and that will make your whole day very good, that’s first.  Secondly, charge your own self with some Godly versions — whatever material you use — but if you can feed your mind every morning spiritual or wisdom-based literature, that will help you, that will motivate you to remain positive throughout the day. Positivity is the basis of peace in life.”

Dr. Kalaria: “Those are wise words. Thank you for joining me on Radio 92 FM and sharing this invaluable information as well as providing us with rich insight into the world of the Brahma Kumaris and your spiritual journey, and of course the tips that you shared with us. Thank you so much, Nirwair ji.”

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