Man is Destined to be Divine and Inherit the Golden-Aged Heaven


The journey of man’s life in the Iron Age is a queer mixture of up and down, happiness and sorrow, success and failure, optimism and pessimism, hope and despondence, laugh and cry, purity and profanity, union and separation as he passes through its different phases. According to Thomas Hardy, the English novelist,    “Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain.”  However, the seeds of both happiness and pain have remained merged in his being, and it is up to him how and when he can merge pain and emerge happiness. Everything depends upon his own thinking process.

Gandhiji’s Three Symbolic Monkeys

Now, modern man has become like a fickle monkey. This reminds us Gandhiji’s three symbolic monkeys, suggesting and advising people to “see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil”. Gandhiji, the father of the nation, wished to establish Rama Rajya in India, but he failed to do so because he forgot to advise them to “think no evil and do no evil”. From the initial act of “thinking” all other acts of seeing, speaking, hearing and finally doing originate or commence; and when people fail to change their “thinking” process, they indulge themselves in sins through their other senses of seeing, speaking and hearing, as a result of which Ravan Rajya came instead of  Rama Rajya.

However, now, the Incorporeal God Father, Supreme Soul Shiva, the Universal Father of all souls, has already descended upon the earth and is engaged in establishing the true Rama Rajya, called Golden Age of Heaven/Paradise by transforming man’s initial “thinking” process or pattern of his “thoughts” through the quantum shift of his consciousness from his wrong identity of body-consciousness to soul-consciousness by imparting the esoteric spiritual knowledge and training of Rajayoga meditation.

Man can become a god/deity if he likes and makes spiritual efforts of acquiring spiritual knowledge and practice of Rajayoga meditation. What is the difference between a man and a god/deity? Man and god both have the similar outer physical features, but  man lacks the inner divine values, virtues, powers and qualities whereas god is the embodiment of all these. Man is, at present, stuck in a middle position; if he morally and spiritually rises up he can become a god/deity, but if he falls down he can become a demon.

The Ignoble Irony

But, the ignoble irony, in particular, according to W. B. Yeats, the Irish poet, is: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,/The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere/The ceremony of innocence is drowned;/The best lack all conviction while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.” The ignoble irony, in general, according to Martin Luther King, Jr., is: “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” The ignoble irony, in particular, is that man has become so morally weak, spiritually bankrupt,  emotionally depraved that  he cannot rise or raise himself  without God’s  grace, brace and support. His life has become a wasteland; he is wandering here and there in the wilderness to find out God and avail His grace and support like a drowning man desperately trying to catch a flowing piece of straw in the river, thinking it as his support and vainly hoping that it will sail him across the river. Without finding God after wandering to many places of pilgrimage and meeting fake and swindling saints, sages and god-men, who blasphemously call them as “Shivoham”, he finally gives out Save Our Souls (SOS) calls to liberate and redeem him from pains and sufferings caused by his accumulated sins and vices.

God Shiva – The Sole Guide, Liberator, Redeemer and Elevator

God comes in His own time just as every season turns up according to the accurate movement of the ever revolving Cycle of Time. As per the Version of The Gita, now, the Incorporeal God Father Shiva has come down in the Confluence Age, the Transitional Sangam Yuga, in order to transform man into god/deity by reforming and remodeling him “in His own image”. God Shiva – the Supreme Spiritual Father – is the true and sole Guide, Liberator, Redeemer and Elevator of the human souls – His prodigal spiritual children – who have gone astray from the path of values, spirituality and righteousness. He is the only Supreme Divine Instrument, who is now attempting to raise and elevate the crestfallen, decadent, depraved human souls from their hellish human stage to the heavenly deity stage, and to restore to them their lost Paradise as their heavenly birthright.

Personal Enlightenment Leads to Global Enlightenment

But, mere attempt and will of God is not enough without man’s own voluntary personal attempt and will. The transformation and transition of man to god/deity can be successful only with personal his personal, individual enlightenment leading to the ultimate global enlightenment in a large scale through self-transformation and world transformation. Enlightenment refers to dispersing of the darkness of ignorance of body-consciousness and opening of the third eye of man” through spiritual knowledge leading to ‘awakening of spiritual consciousness’ and his ‘self-realization’. Self-realization of man leading to God-realization through daily, regular Rajayoga practice is the only effective method of making self-transformation and world transformation. Rajayoga meditation is the process of mental, intellectual and spiritual connection or union of the human soul with God, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Spiritual Father of all human souls of the humanity.

Once, the human soul (being) was the divine child of Immortality and enlightened denizen/citizen of heaven. Though he is now suffering from the mortal pains and pangs in the present Iron Age, yet he is destined  to move  to the Golden Age  of Heaven, which is, in other words, called  the Kingdom of God, Paradise,  Elysium, Shivalaya. In Golden Age, man will be a god/deity of an ideal mould and embodiment of the characteristics of divine values of peace, purity, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness. William Shakespeare, the most world famous English poet and dramatist, has rightly wondered about God’s craftsmanship of making man in His own image: “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! …….The paragon of all animals!”

The Golden-Aged Heaven

The Golden Age will be completely free from the seven deadly sins/vices like sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy and indolence, which are the characteristics if the Iron Age. There will be perfect harmony among the major Agencies of Man and Nature as both these agencies are purified and transformed by the neg-entropy power of God in the present auspicious time of transition. Therefore, in the Golden Age, there will be the reign of Shree Lakshmi and Shree Narayan, the first Empress and Emperor respectively, and they will live a life of divine bliss and beatitude along with other deities (gods and goddesses) adorned with double crowns – crowns of purity and wealth. The deities will be incarnate of divinity in their ways, manners and behaviours due to their characteristic values and virtues of love, compassion, cooperation, peace, purity, amity, nobility, integrity, divinity, beauty, magnanimity, decency, sweetness, harmony, grace, etc.  There will be perfect balance between spiritual love and divine law; With Nature’s plenty and bounty, she, along with her other purified elements, will serve the deities, by remaining ever ready at their beck and call. There the scenes and sceneries along with flora and fauna will be so beautiful, eye-catching that they will be a feast to the eyes; songs of birds, swinging of leaves of trees and blowing of slow and sweet breezes will be sonorous music to the ears; the deities will live in golden palaces studded with dazzling pearls and jewels; they will travel in safe nuclear-powered planes, which will operate with thought power. Time’s winged chariot is flying fleetingly, and soon the present Iron Age will pave the way for the forthcoming Golden Age, when there will be the reign of Divinity everywhere with deities as the divine representatives of God, and the holy land of Bharat itself with its Sun/Deity Dynasty will be called the whole World.

It is rightly said, “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but we are spiritual beings having human experiences.” The revolving cycle of the eternal drama will turn, and the present Iron Age will turn back to give place to the Golden Age. Man is destined to be divine, to inherit such a Golden-aged Heaven and also to belong to the Deity Dynasty and live a virtuous, values-based, divine life for 2,500 years – half a Kalpa – in complete bliss and beatitude. Both his inner soul and outer physical body will be 100% pure up to the extent 24 karats of pure gold.

God’s Grace is Flowing Like Spring Showers

If man takes one step with staunch faith in God Father, the Universal Parent, He will take thousands of steps towards man, His long-lost and long-bereaved child, in order to bestow upon him the heavenly properties of liberation (Mukti) and fruition (Jeevan Mukti) as his divine, heavenly birthrights and celestial boons and blessings. God’s help and support are meant for man; His grace is flowing and falling like the sacred spring showers. The need is to come out of one’s closet and take a holy bath in these showers of divine grace. God’s love for man is infinite. He has left His Purest, Highest, Metaphysical Abode and entered in the body-chariot of Prajapita Brahma to come to rescue, salvage and divinize man, the best of His Creations, by defeating the evil and crafty designs of Satan/Devil – the symbol of seven deadly sins – to carry the human souls back to the Sweet Silent Home after purifying them of all sins. Because, personal self purification leads to universal purification, and individual enlightenment leads to global enlightenment, ultimately paving the way for personal self-transformation and world- transformation.

The Programme – Global Enlightenment for Golden Age

The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBKIVV), which is founded by both the Incorporeal God Father Shiva and the corporeal Prajapita Brahma, is dedicatedly engaged in  “justifying the ways of God to men” through various regular life-changing courses,  values-based programmes, enlightening discourses, eye-opening seminars, symposia,  conferences, special meditative sessions, etc. But, it is celebrating 2018-19 as the “Year of Global Enlightenment for Golden Age” with a view to taking the human brethren of the whole humanity from “darkness of ignorance to the light of spiritual knowledge” (Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya), from “inevitable death to ultimate immortality” (Mrutyu ma Amtrutogamaya) and from “untruth to truth” (Asato ma Satgamaya) through a mass enlightening programme, thereby leading to Global Enlightenment and ushering in the forthcoming Golden Age in very near future.

The uniqueness of the programme is that various regional, national and international centres/branches of PBKIVV will conduct the programme throughout 2018-19 upon various “enlightening themes” for achieving the major objective of establishing the Golden Age through the process of Global Enlightenment of all human souls irrespective of the differences of their castes, colours, creeds, faiths, languages, religions, cultures, nationalities, genders, places of birth, etc.

The programme calls out all of us and sounds the warning that it is not the time for slumber anymore; it is time to wake up and arise. Once, the human beings themselves were invoking God by calling Him at their house tops. But, now God Himself is calling the human souls to wake up and listen to Him and to make the hay while the sun shines. Because, He has come down to open the third eye of knowledge for our much-needed personal enlightenment as well as global enlightenment. The time of His departure is hastening near. So, please wake up sooner to take the golden chance to attend the programme, now or never.

The Objectives

  1. To clarify the concept of enlightenment that it refers to dispersing of the darkness of ignorance, opening of the third eye of  spiritual knowledge,  and awakening of spiritual consciousness in people
  2. To enlighten human individual souls morally and spiritually in local level for effecting total enlightenment in global level for global enlightenment.
  3. To bring about a quantum shift in human consciousness from outer body-consciousness  to inner soul- consciousness
  4. To impart spiritual knowledge  and training of Rajayoga meditation  free of cost to people for their self-realization and God-realization
  5. To help people in inculcation of values, virtues, qualities and divine power to change them from their current human stage to the divine deity stage
  6. To explain the concept of One-World-Family and adopt the principles of  Universal Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of One Incorporeal God
  7. To explain the contrast between the present departing Iron Age and the forthcoming Golden Age, which is otherwise known as Heaven, Paradise, Elysium, Kingdom of God and Shivalaya, which God is establishing now and which man will inherit from Him as his birthright in near future
  8. To bring home the point that the Golden Age is the era of peace, bliss, purity, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness, where Shree Lakshmi and Shree Narayana will rule over with perfect balance of spiritual love and divine law *

  -Dr. Brahma Kumar Yudhishthir, Ph.D., Shantivan, Abu Road(Raj.), India

                                                      Associate Editor,The World Renewal Magazine 

Man is destined to be divine & To Inherit the Golden-Aged Heaven 





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