Media Topics

  1. Promoting Values & Meditation for Sustainable Development-Role of Media
  2. Balance between Media and Judiciary – A Need of the Time
  3. Balancing Commercial Interest and Social Responsibility
  4. Balancing Media Rights and Responsibilities thru Spirituality
  5. Building Customer Loyalty through Social Media
  6. Can Media Make People’s Life Positive?
  7. Can Spirituality Be Conscience Keeper of Media?
  8. Can Spirituality in Media Profession Meet People’s Expectation?
  9. Can Value-Based Media Profession Meet People’s Expectation?
  10. Can Media Combat Gender Discrimination and Violence?
  11. Censorship on Social Media – Pros and Cons
  12. Censorship on Media- Pros and Cons
  13. Challenges and Opportunities before Modern Mass Media
  14. Changing paradigms of Entertainment in the age of Social Media
  15. Children and Electronic Media – Children as Consumers: Advertising and Marketing
  16. Choice and Sensibility in Media Language
  17. Combating Corruption – Role of Media
  18. Community Radio in the Preservation and Promotion of Culture
  19. Containing Cultural Pollution: Role of Mass Media
  20. Core Values Needed to Make Media Proactive
  21. Corporate Ethics and Ethics in PR: Eyes and Ears of Corporation
  22. Corporate Ethics Vs Public Relations Ethics
  23. Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations
  24. Current problems in the Media
  25. Deciphering Commercialized Media and Fostering Responsible Media
  26. Developing Awareness through Media in Digester Management
  27. Developing Inner Power and Potential by Media Professionals to Encounter the
    Ethical Challenges before them
  28. Development Journalism: The Way Forward
  29. Digital Media And its Effects
  30. Digital News: A new source of information
  31. Does Media Mirror or Motivate Change?
  32. Effective Public Relations and Media Strategy
  33. Effects of Mass Media on Society
  34. Efficacy of Meditation for Excellence in Media Profession
  35. Efficacy of Spiritual Values / Values and Meditation for Excellence in Media Profession
  36. Emerging Trends in Mass Media
  37. Emerging Trends towards Enhancement of Print Media
  38. Empowering the Mind
  39. Enhancing Positivity in Mass Media for Nation Building
  40. Enhancing Media Credibility and Sustainability-Role of Values
  41. Ethical and Credibility issues in Citizen Journalism
  42. Ethical Challenges before Media and Communication in India Today
  43. Ethics and Code of Conduct in Electronic Media
  44. Ethics and Values in Media and PR Profession
  45. Ethics in Public Relations – An Indian Perspective
  46. Experiencing Inner Peace and Power
  47. Film Making and Social Responsibility
  48. Fostering Value Based Life and Society-Role of Media
  49. Freedom of Expression and Ethical Standards in Indian Media: Issues and Perspectives
  50. Freedom of Press and Importance of Journalistic Ethics
  51. Freedom of Press and its Constitutional Aspect
  52. Freedom of Speech and Expression versus Sting Operation
  53. Global Challenges to Freedom of Expression
  54. Good Governance and Mass Media
  55. How Digital Media has Affected Consumer Behavior
  56. How digital media has affected consumer behavior
  57. How Digital Media has changed language, information access, consumer behaviour and       communication process
  58. How does New Media Pollute the Indian Culture?
  59. How does new media pollute the Indian culture? “a study of Whatsapp impact on youth”
  60. How Newspaper Reporters are Adapting to the Digital Age
  61. How Philanthropy Media is Filling the Need for Investigative Reporting
  62. How Social Media is Changing Journalism
  63. How Television News is Adapting to the Digital Age
  64. How to be a Hard-Core Journalist and Still Have a Life
  65. How to Cover National Security
  66. How to Cover Wars and Natural Disasters
  67. How to Investigate a Politician
  68. Image and Voices of Hopes for Humanity
  69. Impact of Mass Media on Youth
  70.    Impact of Photo Manipulation on Photo Journalism
  71. Impact of Social Media on Youth
  72. Impact of Social Media on Society
  73. Imposing Legal Checks and Bounds in Media Age
  74. Indian Television Media: Mirror of Society or a Judge: A case study of the coverage of JNU issue
  75. Inner Empowerment of Media Persons for Stress Free Living
  76. Inner Empowerment of Media Professionals for Positive Change in Society
  77. Inner Empowerment of Media Persons for Promoting Health and Happiness in Society
  78. Inner Empowerment-Key to Self-Regulation in Media
  79. Integrating Spiritualism for Excellence in Journalism
  80. Integrating Spiritualism with Journalism for Excellence in Media Profession
  81. Is Media promoting gender equality and ensuring women empowerment or propagating gender stereotypes?
  82. Is Media Trial Justified Under Indian Criminal Justice System
  83. Is Online Media Responsible for Declining Personal Relationships
  84. Journalism Ethics in a Changing Media
  85. Judicial Response to the Freedom of Speech and Expression
  86. Knowledge Democracy and Ethics: Implications for Media Professionals and Educators
  87. Latest Publicity Tools for Political Campaigning
  88. Mahatma Gandhi: The World’s Greatest Communicator
  89. Malnutrition in Children Below Five Years of Age: Effective Media Strategies
  90. Managing the Self for Excellence in Life
  91. Mass Media – A Powerful Catalyst for Positive Change
  92. Mass Media and Its Increasing Role in Literacy
  93. Mass Media as an Instrument for Social Change
  94. Mass Media Influence in Shaping People’s Ideas about Society
  95. Mass Media – A Powerful Catalyst for Positive Change
  96. Mass Media – Freedom and Responsibility
  97. Mass Media and Criminalization of Society
  98. Media & Meditation – Catalysts of Positive Change
  99. Media and Construction of Reality
  100. Media Ethics and coverage of crime reporting in newspapers: An overview
  101. Media Ethics and Media Literacy: An Audience Perspectives
  102. Media Ethics and Responsibilities: Need for Introspection
  103. Media Ethics and Social Responsibility in Indian Journalism
  104. Media for Social Transformation – Advocacy for Peace
  105. Media Initiative for a Value Based Society
  106. Media Initiative for Positive Change
  107. Media Initiative for Social Transformation
  108. Media Literacy in Use of Interpersonal Medium: A Study of Mobile Phone Users
  109. Media Literacy: Issues and Challenges
  110. Media Moulding or Holding the Perceptions of Audience
  111. Media Responsibility in Reporting on Adolescents and Youth
  112. Media Role in Empowering The Right to Information Act
  113. Media Spirituality and Social Transformation
  114. Media and Meditation-Catalysts of Positive Change
  115. Media Ethics and Responsibilities: Need for Introspection
  116. Media Initiative for Positive Change
  117. Media Initiative for Restoring Values for a Healthy and Happy Society
  118. Media Trial – Pros and Cons
  119. Media Values and Strategies for Positive Change
  120. Media’s key role in Disaster Management
  121. Media’s Role in Keeping People’s Trust
  122. Media’s Role in Promoting a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence
  123. Meditation as the Catalysts for Positive Change in India
  124. Meditation for Stress Free Media Profession
  125. Meditation to Enhance Creative and Constructive Communication in Media
  126. Missing Dimension in Media Profession
  127. Modern Media vs. Traditional Media: The Socio-Cultural Perspective and Sense of Responsibility
  128. Need for Film Appreciation and Visual Literacy
  129. Need for Proactive Media in Social Transformation
  130. Need of Spiritual Wisdom for Peace of Happiness – Role of Media
  131. Negative Impact of Facebook on Youth
  132. Negative Impacts of Facebook on Youth: A Study on Under Graduate Media Students
  133. New Generation Media, its Scope and Challenges -Key to Happy and Blissful Life
  134. New Journalism and its Challenges
  135. New Media: Information Overload and Information Literacy
  136. Overcoming Cultural Pollution: Role of Mass Media
  137. Overcoming the Challenges of Change in Media Profession
  138. Paid News: A Cancer in Indian Media
  139. Paid News: an Electoral Offence?
  140. Paid News: The Bane of Ethical Journalism
  141. Positive and Healthy Life Style for Stress Free Living
  142. Positive Journalism for Healthy and Happy Society
  143. Print Media versus Electronic Media in Today’s World
  144. Priorities of Print Media
  145. Proactive Media for Positive Change in Society
  146. Promoting Democracy through a Free and Strong Media
  147. Promoting Good Character and Governance-Role of Media
  148. Promoting Social Development through Positive and Proactive Media
  149. Promoting Truth and Transparency: Role of Mass Media
  150. Promoting Values and Meditation for Sustainable Development-Role of Media
  151. Promoting Values in Society-Role of Mass Media
  152. Promoting Universal Wellbeing-Role of Values in Media
  153. Promoting Yoga and Spirituality – Role of Media
  154. Re-discovering Happiness
  155. Relevance of New Media in Political Campaigns
  156. Reporting on Children: Guidelines on the Role and Responsibility of Media
  157. Responsibility of Media in a Democracy
  158. Restoration of Moral and Social Values – Role of Mass Media
  159. Restoring Holistic Health, Harmony and Happiness-Role of Media
  160. Role of Cinema in Changing Consumer Behaviour in India
  161. Role of Mass Media for Social Transformation
  162. Role of Mass Media in Promoting Higher Education
  163. Role of Media in Character Building
  164. Role of Media in Character Building and Good Governance
  165. Role of Media in Combating Gender Discrimination and Violence
  166. Role of Media in Democracy: A Critical Appraisal
  167. Role of Media in Free and Fair Administration of Justice – An Analysis
  168. Role of Media in Good Governance
  169. Role of Media in Indian Education System
  170. Role of Media in Positive Transformation of Society -Challenges and Opportunities
  171. Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion
  172. Role of Media in Social Transformation
  173. Role of Social Media and Cultural Change
  174. Role of Social Media and Cultural Concern
  175. Role of Social Media for Everyday Life
  176. Role of Social Media in Disaster Management
  177. Role of Traditional Folk Media as Means of Communication Development Process
  178. Role of Traditional Media for Information, Education and Communication
  179. Role of Value-based Media for Social Transformation.
  180. Role of Media in Character Building and Governance
  181. Role of Media in Good Governance
  182. Role of Media in Positive Transformation of Society – Challenges and Opportunities
  183. Self-Empowerment of Media Persons for Fostering Values in Society
  184. Self-Regulation in Media for Excellence in Media Profession
  185. Shaping Public Opinion and Social Change – Role of Media
  186. Social Accountability and Media: Its Success and Failure
  187. Social Media – A Tool for Election Campaigns
  188. Social Media and Cultural Concern
  189. Social Media and Its Role in Spread of Communal Atmosphere: An Analysis of Facebook and Whatsapp
  190. Social Media and Social Change
  191. Social Media Authenticity Issues: Information, Verification and Dissemination
  192. Social Media: Authenticity and Credibility- Why People use Fake Profiles!
  193. Social Transformation, Media Realities and Challenges
  194. Social Media and Social Change
  195. Solution Oriented Media-Need of the Hour
  196. Spiritual Communication – The Means to Feel Good and Do Good
  197. Spiritual Journalism in India
  198. Spiritual Wisdom and Rajyoga for Peace and Happiness – Role of Media
  199. Spiritual Wisdom for Social Transformation- Role of Media
  200. Spirituality – Key to Better Self-Regulation in Media
  201. Status of Media Education in India
  202. Strengthening Values in Social Development
  203. Stress Management for Media Professionals
  204. The Agenda-Setting Role of the Mass Media in the Shaping of Public Opinion
  205. The Emergence of Information and Communication Technologies Acting as a      Challenge for Media Literacy
  206. The Impact of Social Media on Youth
  207. The Influence of Mass Media on Youth Culture
  208. The Intricacies of Surrogate Media Ownership
  209. The Nature of Visual Literacy in ‘Digital Technology’ – A Review
  210. The Positive and Negative Impacts of Media
  211. The Potential Impact of Blogs on Communication
  212. The Role of Media in a Democracy
  213. The Role of Media in the Construction of Public Belief and Social Change
  214. The Role of Values and Meditation for Excellence in Media Profession
  215. The Role of Values and Meditation in Media Profession
  216. The Role of the Media in a Democratic Society
  217. The Social Benefits of Mass Communication
  218. Today’s Media- Challenges and Opportunities
  219. Towards Better Life and Society-Role of Media
  220. Towards Holistic Transformation-Role of Media
  221. Towards Positive Transformation – Role of Mass Media
  222. Traditional media as an effective means of communication
  223. Understanding Issues and Challenges in Media Literacy in India
  224. Use of Animation Technology in Media Literacy
  225. Utilization of ‘Folk media’ In Social Change
  226. Value Based Media for Positive Change in Society
  227. Value Based Media-Key to Sustainable Development
  228. Value Based Media – Need of the Hour
  229. Value Based Media for Building Healthy and Happy Society
  230. Value-based Media – Necessity and Challenges
  231. Value-based Media Profession to Meet People’s Expectation
  232. Value-based Media: Towards Peace and Prosperity
  233. Value-based Media – Key to Social Transformation
  234. Values and Challenges before Media
  235. Values and Ethics in Media Profession
  236. Values and Meditation for Inner Empowerment of Media Professionals
  237. Values as the Lifeline of Journalism
  238. Values in Indian Media
  239. Values in Public Relations
  240. Values to Enhance Media Credibility
  241. Vision and Values for a New Social Order
  242. What Ails Indian Public Relations? Is Identity Crisis – A Missing Link?
  243. What Can Really Empower Media Professionals?
  244. Why Paid News is a Threat to Indian Democracy?