Media Wing’s Chairperson BK Karuna Visits Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur:   ​Malaysia was blessed by two great yogi souls,  Rajayogi BK Karuna, Media Wing’s Chairperson and Chief Spokesman of Brahma Kumaris from Mount Abu and Rajayogini BK Raj, Zonal Incharge of Brahma Kumaris in Nepal for the 26th Asian Retreat at the Asia Retreat Center(ARC). This year’s theme was “Celebrating the Year of Completion”. Nearly 100 BK’s from Asia Pacific countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Nepal participated in the retreat.

Retreat started with a beautiful celebration of Hari Raya, also known as festival of Eid. BK Raj, BK Karuna, senior brothers and sisters from Asia Pacific countries were welcomed by 26 angels holding “bunga mangga” accompanied by traditional music. Varieties of cultural programs included Indian – Chinese – Malay – Vietnamese – Balinese and Children Dance. Both BK Karuna and BK Raj were decorated with pure Islamic decoration. Finally, BK Raj and BK Karuna inaugurated the 26th Asian Retreat by beating of gong 26 times.

Celebration of 4th Anniversary of Asia Retreat Centre was held on the second day of the Retreat.  “ARC” in the form of a story interlude with bharatnatyam, song and dance. It touched every one’s heart. Celebration of 50th Anniversary of BK Meera, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Malaysia was part of the ceremony. BK Raj and the whole of Nepal Family was very enthusiastic in extending many greetings and blessings. Candle Lighting by BK Raj, BK Karuna, BK Meera, BK Letchu, Senior brothers and Representatives from Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal and cake cutting were part of the celebration of Asia Retreat Center 4th Anniversary. There were varieties of programs during the whole retreat including classes by seniors, interview with seniors, panel discussion and powerful 4am amritvela meditation guided by BK Raj. Throughout the Retreat, BK Raj shared many touching experiences with Brahma Baba, Mama and the Seniors. Everyone received token of appreciation in the form of gift, blessings and toli. More than 600 Brahma Kumars and Kumaris enjoyed the company of BK Raj and BK Karuna’s presence and had wonderful experiences.

Key message of the Retreat was “Now we have to show the world we are angels. An angel smiles, light and bright. It is now important to increase power of silence. Whatever happened surrounding you, in whatever circumstances or situations or however is people’s attitude, simply smile and be silent. Serve through the face. Speak only when it is necessary. In addition, our sight (vision) should be powerful. Give peace, love and happiness through our thoughts and then through our eyes. Let everyone be peaceful, happy and enjoy life. Last but not the least, instead of trying to change or correct people, we have to change the self first. Give a little more time to be in silence. Be the change you want to see in the world.”