National Convention on the Bhagavad Gita Begins


Gurgaon, July 8: The Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual text propagating non-violence as the supreme religion. It therefore does not inspire a violent physical war, but asks people to conquer inner demons on the subtle battlefield of mind. The Gita has been misunderstood because its deep wisdom has been interpreted at a gross level.

These points were concluded on the first day of the National Convention on the Bhagavad Gita which was held at the Brahma Kumaris’ Om Shanti Retreat Centre here today. Participants of the convention included eminent people from the fields of religion, law, media, education and spirituality.

Opening the conference, BK Brijmohan, Additional Secretary-General, Brahma Kumaris, said: “Today, people say that religion is the cause of violence because they have misunderstood it, and wrongly placed violence at its roots.” He asked the participants to think deeply if the God of Gita could ever choose the path of war to cleanse the world of vices and restore peace.

BK Usha from Mount Abu said that when human beings do not approve of violence, how could God, the highest authority, give permission for a violent war. She said: “The God of Gita has revealed deep secrets and highest wisdom through metaphors. When these are taken literally, we end up believing in falsity.”

Elaborating on this, Dr. Nagendra, yoga guru and chairperson of the programme, said that unless intricate truths that make religions great are understood in the right context, the knowledge may appear confusing and irrational.

He said that everyone has both positive and negative tendencies within. The prime trait of devilish tendencies is uncontrolled speed of the mind. Till humans gain victory over their mind through the power of meditation, the chaos around the world cannot be controlled.

Appealing to everyone to end conflict in the name of religion, he said: “All religions promote highest human values, love and peace. But when we leave that common essence, and get too caught in dissimilarities that emerge from different religious identities, then religion is misused as a means of violence.”

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