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General Websites of Brahma Kumaris

International (London): www.brahmakumaris.org
India (Mount Abu): www.brahmakumaris.com

About Brahma Kumaris – From the Inside Out: www.aboutbrahmakumaris.org

India-Mt. Abu- Wings of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF)

Media Wing: www.bkmedia.net / www.mediawing.org
This mediawing.org site contains Latest News of National, International of Brahma Kumaris and its various wings,  Its Study centres addresses and contact details, Its various publications, Press Releases and Articles in different languages, TV broadacsts, Community / Social Services, Awards, Accolades and Achievements, Views/ Experience of Eminent Personalities etc.

Rural Development Wing:

This bkruralwing.org site is for highlighting services of Rural Development Wing in the field of Rural Development. This gives a brief of various projects done by Rural Development Wing.

This yogickheti.org site is for highlighting services of the Rural Development Wing in the field of Agriculture.  It showcases Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project details, service news, researches, literature and gives insights of the farmer’s empowerment.

Education Wing: www.bkvalueeducation.in
Administrators’ Service Wing:   www.administratorswing.org
Art & Culture Wing:  www.artandculturewing.com
Business & Industry Wing: www.bkbiwing.org
IT Wing: itwing.brahmakumaris.com / sit.brahmakumaris.com
Medical Wing: www.bkmedicalwing.org
Social Service Wing: www.bksocial.org
SpARC Wing: www.bksparc.in
Sports Wing: www.sportswing.org
Scientists & Engineers Wing: www.bksew.org
Transport and Travel Wing: www.wheelsforpeace.org
Women Wing: www.bkwomenwing.com
Youth Wing: www.bkyouth.org

Retreat Centres in India and Overseas

India-Delhi NCR-Near Gurgaon-Om Shanti Retreat Centre: www.omshantiretreat.org
India-Hyderabad-Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre:www.shantisarovar.org
USA-New York-Peace Village Retreat Centre: www.peacevillageretreat.org
UK-Oxford-Global Retreat Centre: www.globalretreatcentre.org


India- Mount Abu – PM TV: www.pmtv.in
Peace of Mind is brought to you by the Brahmakumaris, a global spiritual and socio-cultural institution that is now recognized in India and abroad.

India – Mount Abu- Peace News- Godlywood Studio:   www.gwspeacenews.org

India-Mount Abu- Raja Yoga TV: www.rajayoga.tv
Raja Yoga TV is online on demand television programming, podcast and articles that take viewers, listeners and readers into the depth of spiritual knowledge and practice, rooted in the system of Raja Yoga as taught at the Brahma Kumaris.

India – Mount Abu- Global Hospital:   www.ghrc-abu.com
India- Mumbai –Global Hospital (BSES MG Hospital): www.ghrc-bk.org
India- Mt. Abu- Om Shanti Radio FM Channel: www.omshantiradio.net
India- Abu Road- 3D Health Care (CAD Program): www.3dhealthcare.org
India- Abu Road- Om Shanti Audio & Video: www.omshantimusic.in
United Nations: Brahma Kumaris at UN: un.brahmakumaris.org
UK-London-BK Publications: www.bkpublications.com
UK-London-Janki Foundation-Values in Health Care: www.jankifoundation.org
India-Abu Road-Shantivan-Godlywood Studio: www.godlywoodstudio.org
India-Abu Road-Shantivan-Awakening with Brahma Kumaris: www.awakening.in  India One Solar Thermal Power Plant-Brahma Kumaris: www.india-one.net
India-Abu Road-Shantivan-Films : www.filmsbk.com                                               India-Mount Abu-Madhuban Jewels: www.jewels.brahmakumaris.org                           India-Mount Abu-Madhuban Murli (20 Languages): www.madhubanmurli.org       India – Jalgaon- Brahma Kumaris Hindi Portal :   www.bkvarta.com                        USA-Headline News & Events: www.onelink.brahmakumaris.org                            Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiativewww.eco.brahmakumaris.org

India-Mount Abu-Peace News(Hindi)-Godlywood Studio: www.gwspeacenews.org     India-Mount Abu-Brahma Kumaris Multimedia : www.bkmultimedia.in

Other Media Sites:

USA-New York – Images & Voices of Hope (IVOH): www.ivoh.org
Images & Voices of Hope is a global network of those engaged in media as agents of world benefit.

India-Bhopal- Society of Media Initiative for Values (SMIV) http://mulyanugatmedia.com/

A Initiative of Media Persons for Positive Change