Celebration of World Health Day in Panipat

​Panipat (Har.)- ​World ​Health D​ay was celebrated at ​Gyan Man Sarovar organized by Brahma Kumaris. ​In this Seminar seven​ health specialists arrived & produced health awareness in their specialization which are as follows.  
1. Dr. Garima, Dental  Specialist  (How to protect teeth) 
2. Dr. Shalini, Eye Specialist (Tips for Eye protection) 
3. Dr. Rajeev, Cardiologist (Causes of Heart Disease & their remedies)    
4. Dr. Raj Raman, Skin Specialist (Care for skin diseases) 
5. Dr. T.R. Madan, Surgeon (Healthy life style)
6. Dr. Syam Kalra, ENT Surgeon (Ear-Nose-Throat  Diseases & Treatment) 
7. Dr. Archana, Radiologist (Principles of Healthy living )   

It was a wonderful & very much interesting and interactive  prog. Every Doctor spoke for 10 minutes on his topic. Then for 2-3 minutes  question  from audience. ​About 600 people participated.​BK Bharat Bhushan, Gyan Man Sarovar also spoke on stress which is the  root cause of all diseases how to manage it. BK Sarla​, Director, Gyan Man Sarovar Retreat Centre has​ conducted meditation at  end of the programme​.