“Pause For Peace” – A Nationwide Campaign in South Africa by Brahma Kumaris

Durban: International Peace Day was celebrated in South Africa by the Brahma Kumaris by launching a nationwide campaign “Pause for Peace“.

In order to promote greater harmony within communities, encouraging people at all levels of society to take a moment and pause for peace, is the impetus with which the Brahma Kumaris launched a national campaign called Pause for Peace in honor of the International Peace Day in September.

In Durban, a special program with dignitaries was organised where Dr. Buthelezi, an elder who played a key political role in the province; Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of Gandhi; and Dr. Dilly Naidoo, a social entrepreneur, attended.  Special guest of honor, Senior Rajayogi BK Chakradhari from New Delhi, brought the spiritual message of peace how begins in our hearts when we change consciousness from limited identity to soul identity.

In Cape Town, the state co-ordinator, Lucille Meyer, CEO of Chrysalis Academy, set the context and reminded us of the need for peace at this time. Various faith representatives were invited to light a candle and share a message of peace.

In Johannesburg, the evening began with a beautiful song rendered by Vee, a local artist, whose message was peace begins with me. The program was graced with faith leaders from the surrounding communities as well as members of the local chapter of the URI (United Religious Initiative).

Brahma Kumaris Spreading Waves of Peace, Motivation and Inspiration at Coast Province

Pause For Peace” – This is an initiative of the Brahma Kumaris who are working towards world peace through personal change. The ‘Pause for peace’ project received overwhelming success in Nairobi last year and was proposed that it be taken to all 47 counties of Kenya in East Africa.

The Coast Region in Kenya has been blessed to have BK Pratibha, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, who surrendered and dedicated to serving mankind for over 40 years and is also a permanent representative to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as well as The Economic And Social Council For Africa (ECA).

Such an illustrious personality and powerful speaker has graced and motivated all who have heard her and have opened doors for receiving such enriching talk and experience.

BK Pratibha has served various schools (Swaminarayan, Mombasa Academy, Dr. Babla’s Sec. School, Memon High, Mombasa Academy…), Hospitals (Mombasa Hospital, Bomu Hospital, Premier…), Hotels (Reef Hotel, Kenya Bay, English Point Marina, Voi Wildlife Lodge,..) UoN, DTB Regional Officers; advised countless organisations, communities (The Gurudwara, Navnat Mahajan Vadi, Ismailia, Asians In Voi..) KRA, Kenya Railways, NSSF, Women/Sacco Groups, Churches, Temples, Clubs, Swahili Cultural Centre, the elders through the old town Chief’s Office, The Assistant Indian High Commission, The Governor’s office staff, etc. in Mombasa, Kwale, Changamwe, Diani, Malindi, Voi; and now, already enroute to Lamu and Tana River.

This is quite an achievement in just about a month whilst in Mombasa with some days having 5-6 programs in a day! This is in addition to all the regular day to day courses and services continuing ceaselessly.

The idea is to detach, become still, pause for just a moment.. go within into that quiet space,  feel – experience that peace – and spread that peace all around. Peace is the religion of the soul – our true nature. Whilst the religion of the body varies as per our birth, family, belief, etc. We are all essentially peaceful beings and we can be naturally peaceful – with realization and experience – that is imparted by the Brahma Kumaris.

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