Peethadheeshwar of Suttur & Aadi Chunchanagiri Inaugurate Maha Shivalinga Darshan Mela at Suttur, Mysore


Suttur, Mysore: Suttur Peethadheeshwar, Aadi Chunchanagiri Peethadheeshwar and Ex. MLA Vasu, inaugurated Maha Shivalinga Darshan Mela by lighting the lamp. The 18 feet tall Maha Shivalinga Darshan was organized by the Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Jatra Jubilee celebrations of Suttur Sri Shivaratriswara Shivayogi, famous in Karnataka. It was first recorded at “Wonder Book of World” when it was decorated with 1 lakh LEDs. In addition to the ‘Gyan Darshan’ and the ‘World Transition Exhibition’ and ‘the Permanent Yogic Movie Show’.

BK Lakshi Behn, Zonal Incharge of Brahma Kumaris, Mysore, who took part in the program on ‘Agriculture seminar’, said the farmers are happy with the backbone of the country and the life of the farmers, regardless of all these, they will see God in labor. Farmers’ suicides have been increasing in recent years. This is because of lack of support for the crop; farmers should have their minds inner and external solidarity. Humans have to develop patience, courage, and morale, so that they can achieve something. He explained that in the remembrance of the Lord and with good intentions, success is achieved. At the end of the ceremony, BK Laxmi Behn was honored.

About 10 lakh people have seen this Shivling darshan in the great event that day. Among them were the Swamijis, MLAs, and many others. All local papers have been elaborated. It was one of the most attractive attractions in the huge fair.