Raj Yoga Plays Important Role in Consciousness Improvement of Educators


Abu Road/Mt. Abu: The Open Session of the All India Senior Secondary Teachers’ Conference on “Rajayoga Education for Consciousness Improvement Programme for Educators (RECIPE)was conducted with welcoming the speakers with bouquets and badges in Diamond Hall of Brahma Kumaris’ Shantivan Campus, Abu Road, Rajasthan on September 24, 2017 and with participation of  senior secondary teachers from all over India and Nepal.

Dr. Shiju Puliyath, Sociologist, B.I.T.A.L., New Delhi, said, “Value education can strengthen the education system itself. It is high time for teachers to take up the challenges and find out opportunities in those challenges. The greatest challenges teachers face today are five in number, which are contained in the term TEACH. ‘T’ refers to the TRUST, the first challenge, between the teachers and students; ‘E’ refers to the second challenge EXPANSION of the subject taught; ‘A’ refers to the third challenge of ATTENTION, indicating the need of expanding the span of attention; ‘C’ refers to the fourth challenge of CONNECTION between teachers and taught, indicating the teacher to be a good counselor of the students.; and ‘H’ refers to the fifth challenge of HARMONY, indicating to have the harmony or balance between work and life or profession and family life.” He advised the teachers to develop some values while facing the challenges in their personal and professional lives, and thereby improve their consciousness.

Dr. Sanjay Biyaani, Director, Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur, said, “Cosciousness or spiritual energy is our greatest power. The material energy of sun enables the plants to stand up. A teacher is greater and more powerful than a doctor or engineer, because while the doctor deals with physical body and engineer deals with material things, the teacher develops the personality of a student, who is a soul or consciousness.  Whatever the teacher gives, it comes back to him. He gives values like compassion, love, forgiveness. He is not the king but the king-maker. Whatever knowledge you may have, but so far as you have no finer feelings like love, forgiveness, peace and compassion, the knowledge will have no effect. The students are the children of God, and the teacher has to inspire them with these finer feelings. The world will march ahead when women will be given due regard and respect. The students develop anger and irritation because there is lack of love, compassion and forgiveness in school and at home. There is an urgent need to whether they have concentration or not. It is better to teach better than to teach much and cover the syllabus. The meaning of ‘Om Shanti’ is to realize oneself as a spiritual consciousness/soul and to remain in peace and make others peaceful. Let the teacher in you not remain as a mere instructor but be an embodiment of values and spirituality to inspire the students with improvement of your own consciousness.”

Dr. B.K. Seema Chopra, Executive Member, Education Wing, Ludhiana, Punjab, said, “The teachers  teach the child to recognize his/her body parts, but none teaches him/her consciousness, the soul, that resides in the middle of the forehead in between the two eyebrows. One is false consciousness and the other is true consciousness. With the false consciousness one identifies oneself with body as mother or father figure, or with one’s wealth, position and status whereas with true consciousness one identifies oneself with soul/self/spirit. If one identifies oneself with a mother or father figure, she/he will remember her/his children; but if one identifies oneself with soul he/she will remember God, the Supreme Soul, the spiritual Father of all souls.  Rajyoga is the process of connection or union of the soul with God Father. Consciousness of the teacher will improve when teachers will identify with self instead of body and keep all relationships with God Father, and understand the value system – what is good and bad – and act accordingly to live a value-and -spirituality-based life with his/her improved consciousness.”

Sister B.K. Shivika, Executive Member, Education Wing, Abu Road, highlighted the basic features and benefits of “Rajayoga Education for Consciousness Improvement Programme for Educators (RECIPE)” and said, “The basic aim of this programme is to change, improve and elevate the body-consciousness educators to soul-consciousness. It helps them to have the self awareness, enables to do self-analysis and to change their thought patterns form negative to positive. Positive thinking give positive results; develops interpersonal relationships; develops all round personality; helps in achieving aims and objectives of life; enables to manage stress and  thereby lead a stress-free life; enhances power of motivation for achieving success and satisfaction. It is a customizable value education programme covering various topics such as: exploring self and the Supreme Self, knowledge of the World Cycle, Rajayoga meditation, sustainable development, waste management, value-based spiritual lifestyle, excellence in life, philosophy of action, etc.”

Sister B.K. Leena, Executive Member, Education Wing, Cuttack, Odisha, coordinated the stage activities very effectively and successfully.