Russian Director B.K. Sudha Addresses on ‘Ecology of Consciousness’ at International Scientific Conference


Moscow: Sister BK Sudha, Master of Natural Science (Botany), General Director, Brahma Kumaris Center of Spiritual Development, Moscow, Russia took part in the IX International Scientific Conference on the problems of ecological worldview “Ecology of the external and internal environment of the social system”.

The Conference was organized by Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Russian Philosophical Society and others. It was held in the Conference Hall of the Academic Council of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

BK Sudha presented an inspiring speech on the Ecology of Consciousness. She covered such aspects as: Two realities, Ecology and Environment, How to bring Mother nature to its original stage, How to serve Nature. She gave practical methods for changing the state of human consciousness by creating positive thoughts and attitude.

BK Sudha thanked the organizers and presented a calendar with positive thoughts for everyday to Vladimir Fal’ko, the Chairperson of the Conference, the Head of the Philosophy Section of the Moscow State Technical University, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Ecological Academy.