Russian Director BK Sudha Didi’s Visit to Mongolia


Ulaanbaatar: Brahma Kumari Sudha Didi, Director, Rajyoga Centre, Moscow visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from July 5-11, 2017. The small but open-hearted Mongolian BK students group welcomed her with a traditional song and milk symbolizing best wishes for long life and prosperity; and as a sign of respect, with colorful scarves, a Mongolian costume called the del, and an imperial crown.

At the Newcom Group solar energy company, Sudha Didi presented the India One solar power plant project of Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India. Solar energy production is of very great relevance for Mongolia where the sun shines about 300 days a year. Following the meeting, Mr. Ganhuyag, Chief Infrastructure Officer of Newcom Group, expressed his wish to visit the solar power plant in Shantivan, and meet with the engineers and initiators of the project.

Additionally, Sudha Didi met Dr. Suresh Babu, Ambassador of India in Mongolia, who during his ambassadorship in Armenia had the opportunity to become acquainted with the Brahma Kumaris and their activities there. There was a one-hour talk, and an exchange of jewels of wisdom and presents.

During the public program, The Eye of the Storm, in the hall of the Alpha Hotel, Didi explained how critical situations can be overcome with the help of Raja Yoga meditation. She met with the hotel’s Administrator, Mrs. B. Gerelmaa, a woman with a very symbolic name which in Mongolian means ‘the incarnation of light’, and who free of charge provided the hotel’s hall for the BK event; and also with a politician, Mrs. Altan, whose unique name means gold.

The second public program was on the topic How to be happy. Didi shared this simple formula for happiness: appreciate yourself and your progress; learn to be attentive to your values; learn from situations and keep moving on; concentrate efforts on solving problems instead of just thinking about them. At the end, all sang Don’t worry be happy, and performed a dance of happiness.

Additionally, a lecture in the Communications Agency brought together 16 participants who learned from Didi: the art of communicating heart to heart.

Training for more than 40 hatha yoga teachers, organized by the Mongolia Yoga Federation, was held in the Union Hotel complex.

An inspiring talk which aroused keen interest among the audience, The Power of Thoughts or How to Control the Mind, was offered to members of the Indian Club. All the questions and answers, and sharing of personal practical experiences, left none indifferent.

Besides these public events there were also meetings among BKs and the celebration of Raksha Bandhan (Hindu Festival symbolizes Bond of Protection), a wonderful festival of purity and spiritual love. Didi revealed the deep spiritual significance of this festival, which symbolizes our voluntary choice to follow the path of spirituality and complete purity. She presented the eternal connection between times and culture, based on the concept of Cycles of Time, which also has a very special place in Mongolian culture. The warm, family-like atmosphere helped souls to understand and accept their higher destinations, and to take new steps towards a more elevated state of life.

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