Sister Shivani’s Talk on ‘Password to Happiness’ in Bonn, Germany


Bonn, Germany: The program with BK Shivani in Bonn was the initiative of Indian Association Bonn with Brahma Kumaris as their thinking and supporting partner. The venue in Bonn was a school Aula of the Johannes Rau-School. The evening program started with sharing of vote of thanks from representatives of Deutsch Indische Gesellschaft (German-Indian society) and Consulate General of India Office in Frankfurt. Dr. Jayanti Srinivas on behalf of Indian Association and all audience welcomed BK Sister Shivani & Didi Sudesh to spread the words of blessings.

The topic ‘Password to Happiness’ attracted the full capacity of the hall with more than 30% non-Indians taking benefit of her wisdom as Sister Shivani during her talk focused on being happy as our choice & sticking to it. With her light-hearted humour and pragmatic approach, she walked the audience through many interactive conversations & practical examples.

The program ended with a guided meditation to help audience leave the hall in silence but with an experience to carry home.

The audience were really happy to be part of this evening as the hearts were touched with real openness & also getting with some opportunity to get photos with Sister Shivani in this silence. As publicized through flyers & also shared by Sister Shivani in her talk, there was a follow-up program was also offered at Cologne centre and in Bonn. After Bonn program  Sister Shivani was driven to Frankfurt for the next two programs.

Didi Sudesh welcomed Shivani and made this day special with  the support of Consulate General of India in Frankfurt, many Indian organizations and many well-wishers.  The venue for both morning and evening program was Saalbau Grieshiem, Frankfurt.

The doors opened & public started pouring in with morning program in Hindi with a wonderful topic of ‘संबंधों में समीपता (Harmony in Relationships). The program started with Master of Ceremony welcoming all the audience followed by a truly professional performance by a Kathak dancer on wonderful  song यह मत कहो खुदा से (Don‘t tell God, that your problems are big, tell problems that my God is bigger). Sister Shivani offered the dancer a bouquet of flowers.

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