The Conference-cum-Meditation Retreat on “Work-Life Balance” at Academy for a Better World, Mount Abu: A Report


Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, May 26-30, 2017: The Conference-cum-Meditation Retreat on “Work-Life Balance” organized by Scientists’ and Engineers’ Wing (SEW), Rajayoga Education & research Foundation (RERF), a sister organization of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBKIVV) was held from May 26-30, 2017 at the Harmony hall of the Academy for a Better World, Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, Rajasthan at 10.00 a.m. with the enthusiastic participation of 1,000 guests and delegates including Scientists and Engineers, Directors, Presidents Chairpersons, Chief Executives, Executives, etc., who have hailed from different parts of the country, as reported by Dr. Brahma Kumar Yudhisthir, Associate Editor, The World Renewal English magazine, Shantivan.

Participating in the Inaugural Session on May 27, 2017 as the Chief Guest, Mr. Kanwar Pal, Speaker, Haryana Legislative Assembly, Chandigarah, said, “Today, there is no balance in our life even though Shreekrishna advised Arjun in The Gita to maintain balance. The reason is that we have completely lacked the values and spirituality in our daily life. We should neither make musical strings of life too tight nor should we leave them too loose in order to have a fine work-life balance in life. We should charge our soul-battery with the power of values and spirituality as imparted by the Brahma Kumaris.

Mr. A. N. Verma, Chairman & Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board, Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai, as the Guest of Honour, said, “The need of the hour is to achieve a balance in work and life. The irony of our life, at present, is that we are devoting 95% of time and efforts to our body and only 5% to our soul, thereby completely ignoring it, but we should have reversed this choice. Just as the atom has material energy, so also our thoughts have the spiritual energy. Scientists and Engineers, today, urgently need spirituality in order to have the spiritual consciousness.” Quoting Homi Bhaba, he said, “Scientific spiritual should be the national religion.”He also added, “By seeing the works of the Brahma Kumaris, a new world of peace, purity and prosperity is seen to be appearing in horizon.”

Earlier, B. K. Mohan Singhal, National Co-ordinator, SEW, Mount Abu, briefed about the objectives of the Conference, saying, “Today, it is matter of great regret that we are unable to maintain work-life balance. The casualty of this is that we are completely devoid of the peace of mind. Consequently, we have to spend almost a greater share of our income for attaining peace of mind in one way or the other. But, the irony is that peace still eludes us in spite of our best efforts. Hence, this Conference has been organized on the major theme of “Work-Life Balance” and some other ancillary themes, which will be discussed during this five-day-long event.” Citing the equation of Peace, he said, “Peace is equal to ‘Desires fulfilled’ divided by ‘Desires Unfulfilled’. Further, citing the equation of Happiness, he said, “Happiness is equal to ‘Achievement’ divided by ‘Expectation’. He hoped that the guests and participants will enlighten themselves and others by being a spiritual lighthouse.

B.K. Godavari, Zonaal Co-ordinator, SEW, Mumbai, as the Chairperson, gave her inspirations, saying, “Man is such a living being in the world who can keep work-life balance with strong thought and determination. The only requirement is to give attention. While doing work in hand, he can also fix his mind on God; can achieve balance in science and silence. With the practice of Rajyoga meditation, spirituality will come into our life. Just as physical exercise is required for physical health, likewise Rajyoga, which is the mental exercise, is also required for mental, moral, spiritual health and work-life balance.”

Mr. Rajat Handa, General Manager, Maruti-Suzuki Ltd., Gurugram, Haryana, sharing his tense experiences of family and work life, said how he used to scold his daughter, who has now she become his become a friend to him, after his association with the Brahma Kumaris, and after he set priorities of his life being enlightened with the spiritual knowledge practice of Rajyoga meditation.

B.K. Bharat Bhushan, Executive Member, SEW, Panipat, said, “Balance is of utmost importance and the urgent need for everyone. People often complain of lack of time, but if we learn how to set our priorities, we can find time automatically for the values and spirituality. He appealed the gathering to apply 5 ‘S’ in life in order to have work-life balance: Satisfaction, Self-realization, Sacrifice, Simplicity and Sweetness.

 B.K. Pius, Executive Member, SEW, New Delhi, read out messages of Dr. Harsh Bardhan, Union Minister, Science, Technology & Earth Sciences, B.K. Sarla, Chairperson, SEW, Mount Abu,  and Mr. U.D. Chaube, Director General, SCOPE, New Delhi, who are unable to attend the Conference due to some reasons.

Initially, the guests on the dais were welcomed with presentation of bouquets and badges by Brahma Kumaris Sisters, of song by Madhurvani Group and welcome speech. B.K. Bharat, Head Quarter Co-ordinator, SEW, Abu Road, welcomed the guests, saying, “It is matter of great pleasure to welcome the guests and participants who have come here to discuss most relevant topic on “Work-Life Balance” and to take a dip in the ocean of spiritual knowledge and learn the ancient Rajayoga.

In six Concurrent Dialogue Sessions, the participants discussed in six (I-VI) Streams on the six relevant themes such as “Mind Your Mind”, “Yogah Marmashu Kaushalam“, “Work Without Worry”, “Relationship Effectiveness”, “Self Management”, and “Teachings of Vishwakarma”. In the Stream – I, sharing her views on the theme of “Mind Your Mind”, B.K. Anubhuti, Rajyoga Teacher, Kanpur, U.P., explained in details about the terms ‘Trigger’, ‘Tonic’ and ‘Cool, Cool’, and clarified how application of the meaning of these terms can help proactively and practically in making work-life balance. Sharing his views on the same theme, Dr. B.K. Yudhisthir, Associate Editor, The World Renewal English Magazine, Shantivan, said, “Just as you ‘Mind your business’, you can ‘Mind Your Mind’. Mind is the soul’s subtle faculty of thinking. It proves man’s existence, as evident from the statement of Rene Descartes, the famous French philosopher: “Cogito Ergo Sum”, which means in English “I think, therefore I am”. There are two minds: Individual mind and Universal mind. Karma philosophy, which says “As you think, so you become” or “As you sow, so shall you reap”, is based upon thoughts (positive and/or negative) of mind. Karma philosophy is the psychological/spiritual equivalent of the third law of Newtonian Physics, which states, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” All hopes and ambitions, failures and success also are based upon thoughts of mind. One is either a pessimist or an optimist only on the basis of his thoughts of mind. God also creates the Creation on the basis of His Benevolent thoughts. Rajayoga is the mental, intellectual and spiritual link of the individual soul and mind with Incorporeal God Father Shiva, the Universal Soul and Mind. ‘Minding your mind’ means to know, check and change the thoughts of mind from bad and negative to good to positive. Rajayoga practice is the only easy and effective way to ‘mind your mind’ and also empower the mind.” Mr. Dilip K. Patel, Vice President, (Operations), Cosmos Ignitech Pvt. Ltd., said, “If we think in the state of soul-consciousness, everything will be good. Deeply and continuously thinking some thoughts transform to our angle of vision.” He narrated a story of a blind man who came to visit God in a temple. The blind was asked why he had come to see make a darshan of God, why had he come to the temple? The blind answered, “Maybe I cannot see, but my God will definitely see me.” Positive thoughts like this will greatly help us in maintaining work-life balance, he added.

On the theme of “Yogah Marmashu Kaushalam“, the speakers such as B.K. Atam Prakash, Chief Editor, Gyanamrit & The World Renewal, B.K. Neha, Rajyoga Teacher, Chandigarh, Mr. Rashmikant Acharya, Former Scientist, ISRO, Ahmedabad, Mr. Primal Bhai Mazumdar, Safety Officer (Retd.),Birla Group, Porbandar, B.K. Harsha, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Mulund, Mumbai;   on the theme of  “Work Without Worry”, the speakers such as Dr. Bhuvanesh Kumar, Director, Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, DRDO, New Delhi, Dr. B.K. Vasudha Kulshrestha, Associate Professor (Retd.), North Gujarat University, Patan, Mr. Rana Tok, Executive Engineer, PHE &WS, Sangram, Kurung Kumey, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mr. Gajendra Singh Negi, Propietor, Negi’s Banquet & Negi’s Tutorial Class, Kanpur, U.P.;  on the theme of “Relationship Effectiveness”, the speakers such as  Mr. Jayesh V. Dashkar, former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Institute of Technology, Vasad, Gujarat, B. K. Shruti, Rajyoga Teacher, Neemuch, Mr. Naresh Gupta, DGM, (P & D), SAIL, Rourkela, Odisha, B.K. Sangeeta, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Ahmedabad;   on the theme of  “Self Management”, Mr. Rajat Handa, General Manager, Maruti-Suzuki Ltd., Gurugram, Haryana, B.K. Anjali, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Hyderabad, Mr. Devendra Sutaria, Chairman, Supath (NGO), Himmatnagar, Ms. Jyoti Saini, President, SVEAR Foundation, New Delhi; and on the theme of  “Teachings of Vishwakarma”,  the speakers such as  Mr. D.C. Mishra, GM (retd.), ONGC, Anklehwar, B.K. Kirti, SEW, Shantivan, Mr. Azeem Dana, Prschologist, Noida, U.P., and B.K. Megha, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Gandhinagar, shared their beautiful and practical views and opinions, thereby enlightening the participants on the concerned themes.

In the Insight Session, highlighting on the theme of “Pitashri Brahma – Emodiment of Balance”, B.K. Shielu, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Mount Abu, gave a detailed description of the balanced life of Pitashri Brahma, the corporeal founder of the Brahma Kumaris Insitituion, who had made a fine balance in his laukik and alaukik life. She threw much light on the values, virtues, qualities, spirituality and divine powers of which he was an exemplary embodiment. His life has inspired many souls to surrender their life to God’s noble task of world transformation.

  1. K. Suresh Gupta, Executive Member, SEW, New Delhi, offered vote of thanks to the guest speakers on the dais, the participants off the dais and staff members of various departments of Gyan Sarovar, whose co-operation collectively made the programme a grand success.

Sister B. K.  Madhuri, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Bhilai, co-ordinated the stage activities very effectively and successfully by colouring these with the choice of her very sweet and heart-touching Hindi expressions.

Lecture Sessions, Reflection Session Panel Discussion

On May 28, 2017, in the Lecture Session – I, expressing his views on the topic “Emotional Competence”, B.K. Pius, Executive Member, SEW, New Delhi, said, “The soul is the software and body is the hardware of man. All thoughts, feelings and emotions are created in the soul which expresses all these through the organs of the body. Emotional competence can be achieved with soul-consciousness. Suppression of thoughts, feelings and emotions is not the solution but their sublimation is. So, instead of reacting to people and situations, we should respond positively to them in a state of soul-consciousness. Reacting to them negative is the result of body-consciousness, which hampers emotional competence.”

Sister B. K. Ravikala, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Mount Abu, facilitated the session and transported the participants to the metaphysical Soul World through her meditation commentary for their connection with God Father and self-realization.

In the Lecture Session – II, expressing his views on the topic “Stability during Chaos”, B.K. P. V. Khubalkar, former GM, ONGC, Vadodara, said, “Those who think negatively get entangled in the chaos. Rajayoga meditation enables one to create and nourish positive thoughts in life and also empowers one with eight powers such as ‘power to withdraw’, ‘power to pack up’, ‘power to tolerate’, ‘power to adjust’, ‘power to discriminate’, ‘power to judge’, ‘power to face’, ‘power to unite’. These powers enable the human soul to handle the chaos in life and remain safe and stable.” He also added, “All problems in life are not complex. Solution of them becomes very easy and simple with positive attitude inculcated through the practice of Rajayoga meditation.” Sister B.K. Kavita, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Chandigarh, facilitated the session and made the participants realize their self meditation commentary.

In the Lecture Session – III, expressing his views on the topic “Leading with Wisdom”, B. K. Brijmohan, Editor, Purity, said, “There is a difference between intellect and wisdom. When there are positive thoughts, values and spirituality in our intellect, the intellect is transformed to wisdom. Otherwise, when the intellect is coloured with Jealousy, Hatred and Animosity (Mr. JHA), it deteriorates and becomes vitiated, thereby resulting in vitiated action.” He also added, “According to The Gita, You have every right to do the action, but not to the fruits thereof.” He said that it is not necessary to run after fruits, because no action can be without fruit; and one who does the action will get the fruit, but none other. ‘Leading with wisdom’ refers to leading life with the values, principles and spirituality. The deities live their life on the basis of values, principles and spirituality, and, therefore, are worshipped, whereas the demons like Ravan are burnt by people every year, but still Ravan, the symbol of five vices, never dies, because vices and demoniac qualities are still in the people. The need of the hour is to change our thoughts, words, actions and behaviours in order to lead and live our life with divine wisdom. B.K. Urmila, Associate Editor, Hindi Gyanamrit magazine, Shantivan, made the participants realize their self meditation commentary. B.K. Narendra Patel, Executive Member, SEW, Vadodara, Gujarat, facilitated the session successfully.

In the Lecture Session – IV, expressing his views on the topic “Satymev Jayate“, B. K. Brijmohan, Editor, Purity, said, “Truth is the greatest qualities of God so that it has become synonymous with one of His many names. Thus, His devotees often say: “Truth is God and God is Truth.” Defining Truth he said, “It is that which was, is and will remain forever.” In other words, It is eternal, imperishable and everlasting.  Highlighting upon the three truths such as ‘Truth of the Soul’, ‘Truth of the Supreme Soul’ and ‘Truth of Time’, he said that body and all body-related things like our including names and addresses on certificates and Aadhar Cards are not truth in the true sense of the term, if they are compared to the definition of the truth as described above. In this the first mistake we have done by understanding “My or Mine” as “I” whereas actually “My or Mine” and “I” are different. In fact, “I” refers to the ‘soul’ and “My or Mine” refers to the body, its organs and bodily relations. When our understanding is wrong or mistaken, we are from truth, remain in ego, get failed and/or defeated in our every effort and, as a result, suffer utterly in life. When we become soul-conscious with the knowledge of soul, Supreme Soul and Time, we conquer over senses, vices and finally win or succeed, because “Truth always Triumphs”.

In the Reflection Session, expressing his views on the topic “What Matters Me”, B. K. Madhuri, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Bhilai, said, “Values and spirituality are what matters in everyone’s life at present. Values like simplicity, love, acceptance, co-operation, etc. make one valuable in life. With values and spirituality in life, one can solve every problem, because no problem is a big problem.” She showed some videos how one handicapped man without hands and legs was able to do things and maintain his life, how a child can motivate others and join with him by his singular initiative to lift an uprooted tree on the road. B. K. Suresh Gupta, Executive Member, SEW, New Delhi, who facilitated the session, said. “The term life as an acronym stands for “Look Internally and Forward”. We have to first internalize values and spirituality in life in our personal life and then move forward to serve the people and society with the power of values and spirituality.”

In the Panel Discussion, the speakers expressed their personal views and opinions on the topic “Professional success through Work-Life balance”. Prof. C. H. Sanjay, Principal & dean, Gitam University, said, “Work-Life Balance (WLB) is an issue discussed since last five decades. Each sector has different nature of work and nature of work. But, some of the general benefits of WLB are: Sense of responsibility, Confidence building, Commitment, Increased productivity, etc. the easy steps for achieving WLB are: Simplify life, practice of yoga and meditation, sharing the load, taking each task at a time, avoid negative people, love your enemies, loyalty and commitment to the organization, avoid gossiping, love the workplace, community service, caring health and family, positive approach, gratefulness to God and people, Plan ahead, don’t worry over failure celebrate success. He said, “The Brahma Kumaris Organization (BKO) is a bright example of Total Quality Management (TQM).

Prof. Ashok Madan, Delhi Technical University, New Delhi, said, “WLB is a hot topic. There are pressures at home and workplace. Professional success is related to work whereas personal success is related to home. Some steps to achieve WLB are: maintain silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading good study materials, positive thinking and meditation, taking care of brain, simple living and high thinking, be self-motivated to motivate others. Work is worship attitude; keep ego and anger at zero level, taking care of family.” He also said that success is not a destination but a journey. WLB becomes easier with the environment of spirituality.

Dr. B.K. Niranjana, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, Vadodara, said, “We, today, have separated work and life, as a result of which we talk of WLB. People have not understood the concepts of values and spirituality in true sense of the term. That is why due to the ego of the so called educated people, there is break-up in family and society. Whatever we see has value but whatever we do not see has more values. These are peace, purity, love, compassion, forgiveness, etc. Today, people accumulate material things. If we can live in a house, why then do we need a bigger house? Two saints can live in a place, but two kings can never remain in a kingdom. Man is trying to be spiritual by renouncing the home and family. This is the problem. But, he can be spiritual by remaining in the family and doing the worldly activities. Just start thinking in reference to spirit/soul, everything els will fall in line, and WLB will be easily achieved.” Dr. V. D. Shivling, HOD & Sr, Principal Scientist, CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh, said, “In order to achieve WLB, consider and treat  yourself and others as souls, think of yourself as a trustee. Success is not achieved overnight. Imagine a worst thing that can happen to you, and have a positive attitude and think that you can manage it. Scientific spirituality, yoga and Rajyoga meditation are indispensable to achieve WLB.”

Dr. Pratap Midha, Director, GHRC, Mount Abu, as the Chairperson, said, “If things go wrong, we blame others, but actually we are our own creators. This is the transitional time to create our own destiny. We have to start first by ‘being’ but not by ‘doing’. Today, we feel empty even though we have everything. But, we can feel quite filled and equipped, if we will be soul-conscious through Rajyoga meditation. Meditation is not just doing meditation, it is rather living a meditative way of life as Karmayogi. Let us start loving and giving others as souls and be a role model by being soul-conscious, and thereby achieve BLB. *


 May 29, 2017, Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu: Participating as the Chief Guest in the VALEDICTORY SESSIONMr. Kanwar Pal, Speaker, Haryana Legislative Assembly, Chandigarah, said,”if we keep our mind open, we can understand and feel the truth of this spiritual knowledge. It is not necessary to leave the world, but to leave the body-consciousness. By remaining in the world and doing the worldly activities, one can experience God. It is not necessary to ask things and/or blessings from God, but to be worthy of getting these. Our relationship with things and beings is temporary, but our relationship with God is permanent. With the knowledge of “I am a soul and the child of the Supreme Soul”, all our conflicts and problems will be solved. This spiritual knowledge and Rajayoga practise will make the welfare, progress and development of the country and the world, and these are needed more for the politicians, because they are more in stress.”

Participating as the Chairperson, Rajyogi B. K. Karuna, Chief of Multi-Media,the Brahma Kumaris, Abu Road, said, “The specialty of India lies in two words: Sage (Rishi) and Agriculture (Krishi). This spiritual University teaches that there is a soul (Purusha) in the body, and it is permanent. Nature (Prakriti) is also permanent, but it can undergo changes. Just as there is soul, Nature; so also there is God, the Supreme Soul. But people often ask for the proof of His presence or existence. The Brahma Kumaris organization here is not only trying to prove the presence or existence of God but also are giving the true knowledge about His name (Naam), form (Rupa), Abode (Desh), time (Kaal) of descent upon the earth, etc. However, even after getting this knowledge, only the self has to make effort for Self-realization and God-realization. Electricity is supplied to your home through the wires, but in order to get the light you have to join an electric bulb in the holder. Likewise, you have to make your personal efforts for this realization by ‘inner re-engineering’ of the self is needed. It is “God’s Divine Plan” to invite you all here and help you in getting this realization. In fact, God Father wants likes and loves you more than you want, like and love Him for this realization.”

Mr. S.B. Taneja, Director, ISSA, DRDO, Delhi, said, “Work-Life-Balance (WLB) is the urgent need of the hour. The spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga education imparted by the Brahma Kumaris are quite essential for achieving WLB. I learnt here that “I am a soul, the child of God, the soul has seven attributes,  Rajyoga practice, and its  spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga are well-practised and tested, we should manage the self instead of others.” If we are to achieve WLB, we have to implement these in our practical personal, familial and professional life. He also said, “I am taking this home work from here: I will talk with the self, I will be the king of the self and charge my soul-battery through Rajyoga practice.”

Dr. B.K. Niranjana, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, Vadodara, said, “The scientists and engineers have a scientific mind and temper. Try to think over whatever you have heard here. If you have learnt here, for example, ‘the art of good behaviour’, its sanskars will go with you and you will never go empty. After going from here, do the spiritual study, practise Rajayoga, be a role model and messenger for your colleagues, family members and neighbours, and give them the message of the forthcoming golden-aged world.”

B.K. Mohan Singhal, National Co-ordinator, SEW, Mount Abu, said, “I wish all participants will make their personal plan of action.” He appealed to all to go the local B. K. Centre, share experiences gained, see the “Peace of Mind Channel” and listen to the “Peace Music Channel”, take your spouse with you to the B. K. Centre because it is easier to run the cart of life with both the wheels, take the Audio & Video CDs of the Conference for refurbishing the soul and mind after your departure from here, take the Contact Address of the SEW for further contact and dealings and finally give your e-mail address for getting “Thoughts for the Day” daily.

  1. K. Narendra Patel, Executive Member, SEW, Vadodara, read the report of the  six Concurrent Dialogue Sessions conducted on the six various topics such as”Mind Your Mind”, “Yogah Marmashu Kaushalam“, “Work Without Worry”, “Relationship Effectiveness”, “Self Management”, and “Teachings of Vishwakarma”.B .K. P. V. Khubalkar, former GM, ONGC, Vadodara, read out the “Action Plan” of the Conference to be followed by the participants at the personal/individual and organizational levels.

B.K. Bharat Bhushan, Executive Member, SEW, Panipat, co-ordinated the stage activities very successfully and offered vote of thanks to the guests, speakers, the audience and all staff members of various departments who made possible the grand success of the conference with approval of one and all. *

अध्यात्म बनाता है जीवनशैली को संतुलित 

ज्ञान सरोवर में वैज्ञानिकों का सम्मेलन आरं

माउंट आबू, २७ मई। हरियाणा विधानसभा अध्यक्ष कंवरपाल ने कहा है कि अध्यात्म को अपने जीवन में शामिल करने से व्यक्तिगत दिनचर्या को संतुलित करना संभव है। बिना अध्यात्म के जीवन में नीरसता बढ़ती जाती है। जीवन की वास्तविकता से अनभिज्ञ रहने पर समस्याओं में दिनोंदिन वृद्धि हो रही है। इसके  समाधान के लिए ब्रह्माकुमारी संगठन द्वारा प्रशिक्षित राजयोग संजीवनी बूटी का कार्य करता है। जब तक मन स्थिर नहीं होता तब तक जीवन में शान्ति संभव नहीं है। मन को स्थिर करने के लिए राजयोग के द्वारा परमात्मा से शक्ति मिलती है। परमात्मा से रिश्ता जोड़ा जा सकता है। योग का अभ्यास करने से मन की एकाग्रता बढ़ती है। जिससे जीवन में एकांगीपने से मुक्ति पाई जा सकती है। वे शनिवार को प्रजापिता ब्रह्माकुमारी ईश्वरीय विश्वविद्यालय के ज्ञान सरोवर अकादमी परिसर में वैज्ञानिक और तकनीकी प्रभाग द्वारा जीवन में कार्यप्रणाली का संतुलन विषय पर आयोजित चार दिवसीय सम्मेलन के उदघाटन सत्र को संबोधित कर रहे थे।

मुंबई एटॉमिक ऊर्जा विभाग सघन जल मंडल अध्यक्ष ए.एन. वर्मा ने मुख्य अतिथि के तौर पर कहा कि अगर जीवन संतुलन नहीं है तो बेकार है। हम सभी जीवन की तुलना में अपने कार्य को 95 व जीवन को मात्र 5 फीसदी वरीयता देते हैं। जीवन को योग्य बनाने के लिए अध्यात्म को का प्राथमिकता देनी होगी। उन्होंने होमी जहांगीर भाभा के हवाले से कहा कि वे वैज्ञानिक अध्यात्म की वकालत करते थे। उनका कहना था कि उत्तरदायित्व वहन करना, सकारात्मक बने रहना आध्यात्मिकता का परिणाम है। वैज्ञानिकों के लिए भी यह जरूरी है। उन्हें भी आत्मा को जानने का गहराई से अनुसंधान करना चाहिए।

सम्मेलन के उदघाटन सत्र की अध्यक्षता करते हुए महाराष्ट्र, ठाणे सबजोन की संचालिका राजयोगिनी गोदावरी बहन ने कहा कि परमात्मा शिव से नाता जोडऩे पर सभी प्रकार के भेदभाव मिट जाते हैं। मनुष्यों के लिए कोई भी कार्य असंभव नहीं है। राजयोग के माध्यम से अपनी दृढ़ता की शक्ति को बढ़ा लिया जाए तो असंभव कार्य भी संभव हो जाता है।

मारुती उद्योग महाप्रबंधक रजतहांडा ने कहा कि व्यवसायिक प्रतिस्पर्धाओं के दौर में व्यक्तिगत जीवनशैली प्रभावित हो जाती है। जिससे घर में अशांति का महौन बन जाता है। लेकिन राजयोग का अभ्यास करने से स्वयं उन्होंने जीवन की वास्तविकता को समझा है। जिससे जीवन में आने वाली हर परिस्थिति के समय भी सुख, शान्ति की अनुभूति से वे जुदा नहीं होते हैं।

वैज्ञानिक व अभियंता प्रभाग राष्ट्रीय संयोजक बीके मोहनसिंघल ने सम्मलेन की विस्तारपूर्वक जानकारी दी। प्रभाग के कार्यकारी सदस्य बीके भारत भूषण, मुख्यालय संयोजक बीके भरत, बीके सुरेश गुप्ता, बी के पीयूष, बीके माधुरी बहन आदि ने भी विचार व्यक्त किए।

इससे पूर्व संगठन की मुख्य प्रशासिका राजयोगिनी दादी जानकी, संगठन महासचिव राजयोगी बीके निर्वैर ने सम्मेलन की सफलता के लिए सभा को वीडियो कॉन्फ्रेसिंग के जरिए संबोधित किया।


माउंट आबू। ज्ञान सरोवर में दीप प्रज्जवलित कर सम्मेलन का उदघाटन करते अतिथिगण।


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