The Divine Message of Dadi Janki Ji On the Occasion of Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami


Dear Divine Safe and Secured Brothers and Sisters under the canopy of Knowledge, Qualities and Powers of God Father Shiva, the Protector of the World.

Multi-million thanks and congratulations to you all on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami Festivals.

We, all souls, the spiritual children of Supreme Soul, the Supreme Father, are spiritual brothers, who are playing our apportioned roles in this earthly stage. This loving Raksha Bandhan festival, which joins all of us with the vast and unlimited world family, aligns us in the Garland of Unity through the remembrance of the One, makes us disease-free and enhances our longevity, is an invaluable gift of God for all of us.

Inculcating purity in mind, words, actions and also dreams by following the Supreme Directions (Shrimat) of God Father, is the sacred message of this festival.

It is my good wishes for you all to fasten this sacred Rakhi upon wrist with true heart, strong determination and by remembering the mantra of “Be Holy & Be Yogi.”

Feed and sweeten the mouth of each other and one another with Eternal Sweet of sweet words and put the dot (Tilak) upon the forehead of remaining in the remembrance of point-of-light soul and constantly staying in this soul-conscious state.

Inculcation of truth, purity, sweetness and determination will make you all the embodiment of cheerfulness and happiness for all time.

Dadi Janki

Chief of Brahma Kumaris

Divine Message of Dadi Janki Ji