The Media Wing Wishes You All a Very Happy & Prosperous Maha Shivaratri


Mahashivratri Festival Commemorates the Day of Divine Incarnation of Almighty Supreme Soul ‘Shiva’ on this Earth.

As the cyclic pattern of events within the cosmic history unfold, in the beginning, the beauty of nature is so tremendous that this can be described as perfect Garden of Paradise, Heaven. Human Beings (Deities) live in peace, purity, prosperity, love and harmony. (Golden Age, Silver Age) for 2500.

As half of the period of the cosmic cycle passes, man falls from his pedestal of divinity, the soul comes in the bondage of matter. Anger, greed, ego, sex-lust, attachment etc., accompanied by peacelessness and sorrow make their first appearance in the world, though in a very mild form. Ideologies emerge, in an effort to rationalise and revert the loss that is occurring. Epics and different philosophies emerge. In India, the famous temple of Somnath was built by Raja Vikramaditya in Gujarat. Diamond in the middle of the temple represents the light of Jyotirlingam God Shiva. Different religious Fathers Abraham, Buddha, Moses, Christ, Shankaracharya, Mohammed, etc., guided everyone towards peace but the darkness of night continues and dusk grows deeper.

Finally in the Iron Age, population continues to grow in geometric progression. Human beings by this time are totally chained to the vices, creating unlimited sorrow and unrest. It is the age of utmost decline in moral, ethical and spiritual values. There is total disruption in family life which is reflected in the community, in the city, in the nation and the world. Society has become degraded and dehumanised. The river of history has run its full course.

At this time of absolute decline in the world, the one eternal seed GOD SHIVA incarnates on earth. Keeping, the promise made in the Gita “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharata”…… God Shiva descends.

Shiva Jayanti is also known as Shivaratri, or the night when God Shiva came. This night refers to the night of the human world due to irreligiousness, unrighteousness, unhappiness and confusions, not the night, as in the 24-hour clock. Thus He comes at the very end of Kaliyuga, when there is total eclipse over the human race.

And His coming is celebrated because He brings with Him knowledge, wisdom and virtues that transform Kaliyuga into Satyuga or heaven. The present time is the most auspicious confluence Age when He, using the corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma since 1937, has been transforming vicious human beings into virtuous deities. All of us can inherit our God fatherly Birthright (New Heavenly world) from our supreme father God Shiva.

So, let us celebrate Shiva Jayanti with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, because it is a celebration of the coming of God, the Father, onto this earth.

Let us empower ourselves through the intellectual communion (Rajyoga) with Him and inculcate His Supreme Commands of Universal Values to establish a Value-based Society.

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Courtesy: Brahma Kumaris