“The Teachers are the Architectures of the Nation” : ​ Prof. H.M. Maheswaraiah


Mount Abu (Gyan Sarovar): Participating in the Valedictory Session of the University and College Educators’ Conference on Value Education & Spirituality at 6.00 pm on 14th May, 2017 at Gyan Sarovar Auditorium, Prof. H.M. Maheswaraiah, Vice Chancellor, Central university of Karnataka, Kalaburagi, quoted S. Radhakrishnan’s statement and said, “While the destiny of the nation is built in classrooms, the teachers are the architectures of the nation. Today, though students are educated yet they do not have the conscience (Vivek). So, the role of education should awake their conscience through social, emotional and cognitive development.” He praised the courses on Value Education & Spirituality prepared by the Brahma Kumaris Institution and suggested for the introduction of this course in curriculum by revising it.

In this Valedictory Session, others speakers highlighted on the topic “Educators’ Role in Transforming the Society”.

Dr. Uma Shankar Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Maharana pratap University of agriculture and technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan, said, “In the past, social uplift was possible through Gurukul system of education, but today blind imitation of western civilization is going on. Therefore, there are many problems in our society, which can be solved through value, moral and spiritual education. The Value Education & Spirituality courses of the Brahma Kumaris can greatly help in this direction.” He expressed his wish for signing an MoU with the Education Wing of Rajyoga education & research Foundation (RERF), a sister organization of the Brahma Kumaris.

Prof. T. Balaram Krishna, Chairman, TSR &TBK, Degree Colleges & Schools, shared his long association and experiences with the Brahma Kumaris Institution and said, “The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is the only university in true sense of the term. Its ideal, noble, and elevated teachings on spiritual, value and Rajyoga education system will go a long away in establishing heaven upon the planet earth in near future.”

B.K. Mruthyunjaya, Vice Chairperson, Education Wing, Mount Abu, said, “At present, there are communalization of human relations, commercialization of education and criminalization of politics and administrative systems instead of their moralization, spiritualization and divinization. Education has become a money-making missionary instead of being man-making missionary. Man, today, has become only taker instead of being the giver. People have turned consumerist (Bhogi) and diseased (Rogi) instead of being yogi. The Brahma Kumaris Institution is working for the divinization of human beings and transformation of man (Nar) into Shree Narayan and woman (Nari) into Shree Lakshmi. Now, the time has come to awake from the deep slumber and acquire spiritual, value and Rajyoga education, and thereby get the self-realization and God-realization and work for the world-transformation.

B.K. Ved Guliani, Executive Member, Education Wing, Hisar, said, “Among the three professions such as defence, medical and education, the profession of education is the most elevated one. The educators play a significant role of transforming the people of the society and world. The first and foremost aim of teachers should be to help the students in manifesting the perfection already hidden within them.”

Sister B.K. Suman, Programme Co-ordinator, Education Wing, Gyan Sarovar, said, “Self-transformation leads to world-transformation. Whatever is the inner that will become the outer. So, the teachers should transform them first on the basis of value, spiritual and Rajyoga education and become the role models for the students, who imitate them in their life.” She also transported the gathering to the metaphysical soul world to make connection of the souls with God, the Supreme Father.

B.K. Rajesh, Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan, gave a Power Point Presentation (PPP) of the value and spiritual RECIPE (Rajyoga Education for Consciousness Improvement Programme of Educators).

Dr. B.K. Yudhisthir, Executive Member, Education Wing & Associate Editor, The World Renewal magazine, Shantivan, presented the report and appealed the educators to follow and implement the following resolutions in their life:

As a child of God I will play my role as a perfect actor in this Eternal World Drama (EWD) of life.

  1. I will do my task when it comes to me during the passage of time.
  2. I will be the change first what I want to see in the world.
  3. I will live in the present, for present is the foundation of future.
  4. I will stand for truth; fight for truth; and hoist the flag of truth irrespective of whatever may come in the path of truth.
  5. I will do the drills both for the mind and body for achieving healthy mind and healthy body.
  6. I will practise Rajayoga to be a person of good character, a karma yogiand reach my final destination and ultimate destiny.
  7. I will try my best to lead a values-and-spirituality-based life.

Initially, B.K. Nitin, Gyan Sarovar, rendered a touching song.

Sister B.K. Indra, Senior Rajyoga teacher, Mount Abu, co-ordinated the stage activities very effectively and successfully.

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