Under the Canopy of God’s Love – Celebrating Shiv Jayanti in London


London, 11th Feb 2018: With approximately 300 people present and a further 100 online this years Maha ShivRatri celebration focused on the direct experience and relationships available to all at this time.

Everyone was welcomed by BK Kishore Krishnan, who also held the conversation that ensued.

Global Cooperation House is in the borough of Brent in London and the evening was graced by the Leader of Brent Council, Councillor Mohammed Butt, who shared from his heart: ‘What I love about us all is we are humanity.  When we sit in this room we have one purpose and this is to unify to find peace and harmony..  We need to make sure that every community that we engage with and every street we walk in, whether we go to a temple, a mosque, a church….etc the only words that bind us are of God’s Love.  We need to be caring and understanding because we are the ‘human nation’ and we need to remember this and make sure no one gets left behind’.

A video message from Sister Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, explained the spiritual significance of this auspicious festival:

…  This is not just a celebration of something that happened 5,000 years ago but something we are participating right now. The Gita describes the period of God’s descent as when extreme unrighteousness is happening…..do we recognize it is this same moment once again and it is the moment according to God’s promise that He comes to show us the way out of the darkness and into the light…We can experience this today no matter how much chaos is happening around us.  …let the experience of God’s love help you and others to come back to a state of harmony.  The time is today to experience

liberation from all types of grief and sorrow and experience great happiness in life….this is the fast which can bring us closer to God. The fast from impure thoughts, activity and behaviour……and we then experience being brought out of the darkness of ignorance and into the light and experience the significance of Shiv Ratri and the beauty and truth that God wishes to bestow us…(extract).

BK Kishore introduced the topic and invited Sister Jaymini Patel, Director of BK publications and coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris activities in the Midlands in the UK; and Sister Belinda Westcott , a National Coordinator of BK activities South Africa to the stage and invited them both to share their thoughts and experiences of God’s love and protection:

Knowing the Self and God

Ø  Knowing myself comes first.  Sooner or later throughout our lifes journey there comes a point where the inner sound and voice pushes the self to discover something that lies hidden within the self.  Knowing the self becomes a

journey inwards.  Then knowing God can happen simultaneously.

Ø  When we are in sorrow we naturally look up and ask Where are You. These chaotic times push us to find out more to be able to connect with the highest being.

Ø  Slowing down the thoughts…allowing peace to emerge…what are we experiencing…this is who I am on the

inside…beyond roles and responsibilities and masks that I wear….here is the original self..the soul…so silent….naturally peaceful…it is in this silent state that we begin our connection with God…

Connection and Relationship

How do we get on God’s wavelength?

Ø  In order to get on the same wavelength with anyone and to develop a relationship with them we need to know something about their interests…….the same applies to creating a relationship with God….

Ø  One of the things that I see as an obstacle is our tendency to project.  In the old testament they say God made man in their own image.  Recently I heard that man has made God in his own image……we have projected human qualities onto God…

Ø  As we know ourselves we come closer to knowing God; for as we come closer to our own truth we can experience God’s qualities.  Underneath what we have acquired is peace, love, compassion and beaut y and to awaken this we need the inner journey and through this He is able to reveal Himself as He is and we become free from all the

lenses we have created and complicated in our relationship with Him.

Ø  The image that helps me to connect to God, is the ‘third eye’ and opening this so the spiritual dimension can open up and we can connect with this realm that sooner or later we will all move to.

A beautiful dance by Vasanta Kumari expressed sheer love and delight of experiencing this relationship of light.

Protection and Healing

Ø  How does God’s protection and healing work?  How do we recognize it? What is the best way to stay tuned to

God’s messages? How can we feel how the power of God works?

Ø  Conversing and connecting with God is an inner journey…..and it takes us to the experience of higher realms.  The mind has to move through the barriers of our ‘inner chirping’ – all the thoughts we generate internally on an emotional and mental level…. Then when the mind remains in tune and in conversation on a spiritual wavelength we experience His protection…that is always there.

Ø  God as silence…it is in the silent moments that enable enlightenment to happen and we experience the subtle indications and feel His protection and answers come towards me.  We experience this intuitively

Ø  We can all experience His energy…this healing power which takes away the feeling of fear and of being alone….the stress.

Ø  The subject of healing applies to all of us, because somehow we have moved away from our natural state and we

require healing back to experience this again.  .

Ø  Every physical ailment is just the last part of an ailment of the spirit of the soul.

Ø  It is only God’s power that can enable deep healing of the spirit.

Ø  Within this we get an opportunity on an inner level to see what was causing this…the many buried emotions sitting within.

Ø  Illness comes along as a gift to show us something thatwe need to address.

Ø  A relationship with God is not a contract and I have learnt there are certain things God can and cannot do.

Ø  We need to ask ourselves How does God see me?  Can we get a glimpse of God’s vision of the Soul?

Ø  God see the soul, His relationship is with the soul and His love is for the soul…He sees what is original within us that we have lost sight of: the beauty, divinity, virtues and power….this pure vision heals us from deep within and we can let go of old beliefs and patterns..

Ocean of Love

He is the Ocean of Love in terms of intensity of love and so how do we access this and share it?

Ø  God gives our pure form a boost  and He holds the vision of our angelic form….in this there is great protection.

God has unconditional love….this takes away all the fear and anxiety and resentment we humans are holding against Him and each other.

Ø  In today’s world people resist being loved….and yet if we accept and take a dive into the Ocean we will find the jewels…I just have to journey in this direction.  No one else can do this for us

Ø  when we see those who bloom with God’s love we want to follow them and we see happiness is a natural inheritance

Ø  Love is such a loaded word today?  The one who makes you happy is the one you love.  The one who brings you joy.  We have been under the impression that God gives happiness and also gives sorrow……for example we have thought it is God’s will when we lose people….

Ø  This being is the Ocean of Love and does not know the concept of sorrow….

Ø  The relationship we are building with God is subtle, in the subtel world of thoughts and feelings

Ø  When we see ourselves as tiny radiant beings of light, we see that as souls we are all belong to God’s family of souls.  This makes us all spiritual brothers, children of the parent.  When I the soul accept this love I can become like a lighthouse for the world.

Ø  Ask yourself ‘what role does God play in my life?’

Ø  Happiness lies within each one of us….we simply have to go within to experience this treasure

Ø  Peace and love is something I radiate and happiness is a tangible quality that can be used in different situations….

Ø  It is a sorry state that for most of us happiness has become a luxury and we say things like ‘when I see this person’ or ‘go here’ then I will be happy.  We are putting the criteria for our happiness outside ourselves….wanting things to go our way.  Unlimited happiness is very subtle and different.  God’s love is not like the love of human beings….spiritual happiness is something that is our natural state…

The conversation was closed with a meditation commentary:Again we sit in silence…it is very important in our daily lives to come fully into the present moment….not to live in the past or the future…but to know each moment…completely…and this brings a feeling of contentment…of fullness…nothing to be achieved or added.  Just this moment…in the company of God…to see as God sees…to know what God knows…and to feel the happiness and love that God feels…every moment is my choice…I can choose the light, the joy, or I can choose the darkness…as a child of God,  happiness is my birthright….just as God’s love is my birthright…I am never alone…and there is no moment in time when God does not love us…

The evening closed with thanks and then toli and blessings were shared with everyone.                        ENDS