UP CM Yogi Adityanath Visits Brahma Kumaris’ Yogic Farming Exhibition


Lucknow:Yogi Adityanath, the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh inaugurated the Mega Festival of Krushi Kumbh (Agriculture fair).  He personally walked through the Brahma Kumaris Exhibition Stall in detail. Along with him, many other Ministers,District Collectors, Chief Development Officers and other higher Officials of the UP Government were there keenly studying the stall.

Impressed by the services that the Brahma Kumaris rendered to the farmers during the Mega Festival of Krushi Kumbh (Agriculture fair) in Lucknow last month, the Government of Uttar Pradesh sent an invitation to the Brahma Kumaris asking them to install their “Sashwat Yogic Kheti” (Consistent Yogic Farming) Exhibition at Atal Gaon, an area dedicated to Honorable former Prime Minister of India, the Late Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. In addition, the government has freely provided all the infrastructure to set up the Exhibition. They named the demarcated area as “Atal Gaon” (Stable Village) and declared that as “Atal Virasat, Atal Sanskruti,” it means Stable Property, Stable Culture.” In this Exhibition the Brahma Kumaris have specifically demonstrated that due to impure polluted food, hospitals are filled with patients and due to impure polluted minds courts are filled with legal cases. So if food and mind are purified the world will be filled with Peace and Happiness or Rama Rajya (the Kingdom of Rama) will be established on Earth.

Mr. Surya Pratap Shahi, Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh; Mr. Soraj Singh, Director of Agriculture; Mr. Ram Shabd Jeswara, Upper Agricultural Director; Mrs. Samyukta Bhatia, Mayor, Mr. Sisodia, Joint Agricultural Director  of Lucknow Mandal; Mr. C.P. Srivastav, Deputy Director of Agriculture; Mr. O.P. Mishra, District Agricultural Officer, Lucknow, and many others learned about Yogic Farming and everyone praised the Brahma Kumaris for their services to uplift poor Indian farmers.

Success stories of the farmers in Uttar Pradesh who have implemented Yogic Cultivation — the services which the Brahma Kumaris have been rendering to the farmers — were all shown on the screen to inspire others.