14th Rememberance Day Of Dadi Prakashmani Observed As Universal Brotherhood Day


AbuRoad(Raj)25-08-2021: Brahma Kumaris worldwide observed 14th Ascension Day of Dadi Prakashmani, Second Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris, as Universal Brotherhood Day.

At the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Shantivan, the floraltribute ceremony was held at Dadi Prakashmani’s memorial ‘Prakash Stambh'(Tower of Light) which was attended by Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris, BK Munni and BK Santosh, Joint Chief of
Brahma Kumaris, BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General, BK Karuna, Multi Media Head, BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary, BK Atam Prakash, Editor of Gyanamrit and BK Asha, Director of ORC Gurgaon and many Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris from different parts of Bharat who paid silent homage to her.

BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, recounted his personal experiences and memories with Dadi Prakashmani, to throw light on her personality. He said that it appeared as if Brahma Baba, Founder Father of Brahma Kumaris, had transferred all his spiritual power to her. She worked tirelessly and with full involvement in every department. Godly services increased manifolds under her care both in India and abroad. She was lovingly called as ‘Kumarka’ for her ability to identify fully with the needs and issues of all Brahma Kumaris Brothers or Kumars. She was loveful and lawful. It was during her time as the Administrative Head that Brahma Kumaris was recognized as an NGO by the United Nations. She treated everyone equally. She was simple, cultured, calm and honest. She never focused long on anyone’s faults, once they rectified their mistake. Guileless and cheerful, she welcomed and hosted many VIPs and religious leaders with
effortless humility. She was merciful and the pride of ‘Yagya’ (sacrificial fire).

He recounted many incidents where she solved complex administrative problems with her inherent skill and Divine virtues. She was always conscious to show only the values of the Supreme through her actions, never letting her own Self dominate.

Madhurvani Group sang songs dedicated to Dadi Prakashmani on this occasion. A special ‘ Bhog Ceremony’, consecrated food offering to the Divine, was also held.

Senior Rajayogis shared their personal experiences with Dadi Prakashmani how she was a great leader and mother, and touched numerous lives with her gentle and compassionate nature.

About Dadi Prakashmani:

Dadi Prakashmani, Diamond or Jewel of light, also known as Kumarka, was born in 1922 in the North Indian province of Hyderabad, now in Pakistan. Born in a deeply devotional family, she was introduced to Om Mandali, the Group of Brahma Baba, founder of Brahma Kumaris, by her father at a very young age. After that she never looked back and dedicated herself completely to the Organization.

She undertook many administrative responsibilities after 1969. She was a great leader and a loving mother. She nurtured the Organization with devotion and care. For more than 70 years she served the universe tirelessly sharing the love and truth of God with humanity.

She was an embodiment of divine qualities such as purity, love, mercy, peace, forgiveness, honesty, obedience, truth, power, yoga, spirituality, patience, tolerance, contentment, etc. She had many specialities including good governance, effective administration, accurate decision-making, a constructive approach, and balance between love and law.

She was an embodiment of knowledge and yoga, as she created a perfect balance in the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and the practice of Rajayoga Meditation. She always had a sweet spiritual sparkling smile on her face. She was a Jewel of Contentment and led a pure life, spreading pure vibrations through her thoughts, words and actions. She considered herself to be an instrument of God and served everyone with humility. Her slogan was “Be an instrument, be humble and have sweet words” (Nimit, Nirmaan and Nirmal Vani). 

Foreign services flourished under her and Brahma Kumaris was recognized as an NGO (non-governmental organization) by the United Nations having consultative status with UNICEF and ECOSOC. She touched millions of lives with the light of Rajayoga Meditation.

The Brahma Kumaris received Seven Peace Messenger Awards from the United Nations during her tenure, she being the pioneer for expansion of the organisation worldwide sharing God’s Light and Might in the whole world.

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