5 Steps To A Stress Free Life

We are all originally very light and mental and emotional freedom is our true nature. Since the last few years, stress or a burdened state of mind is becoming a common aspect of our lives.  A change in our consciousness means creating the right type of thoughts based on the right beliefs and correct wisdom on how our mind works.  In this message, we give you 5 positive and powerful thought steps to become light and stress free again.
5 Steps To A Stress Free Life

– Awakening With Brahma Kumaris

It is commonly being said and discussed everywhere that a life without stress and worry is impossible to exist. While some of us consider stress as natural, there are others who even say stress is good and some even go to the extent of saying that becoming stressful and worrying will bring us to solutions to problems. While the bandwidth of common views and opinions is vast, it is fair to say that there is no common consensus on the word stress. We are all confused and misled by our own beliefs, others’ opinions, information from outside sources as well as most importantly, a lack of correct wisdom on the 21st century favourite topic. A shift of consciousness at 5 levels can lead to a stress free life. Let’s take 5 such steps: 

Step 1 – Relax! It Is All Happening For The Good – When this was told to some worriers, they did not take it seriously. The demotion at the office, the critical illness, the absolutely negative relationship with my spouse, where nothing but disagreement exists – and you say it is all happening for the good. Spiritual wisdom when learnt makes us relaxed and easy that whatever is happening at the current moment is right. Also, anything happening will strengthen you, make you wiser spiritually and emotionally, is settling negative karmic accounts created by us in the past and making us lighter. Also, most important of all, it is a test for us, by passing which, we will create better future realities for ourselves. So, always remember the slogan – What has passed was good, what is in front of us now is very good and whatever future we create by remaining stable and content in the present difficult situation, will be very very good. Why? Because success is guaranteed! Starting the day with this consciousness will keep you positive and make you successful in every situation of life you face.  

Step 2 – I Am Not On Time … It’s Alright – Every step of our lives today is about completing tasks and making things happen faster and better. What we fail to realize that every thought of hurry and the associated worry is influencing our mental, emotional and spiritual as well as our physical health. Also, it is better to be late for that meeting, for the assignment or even for a meal or getting ready. But it’s worse to hurry because a hurried consciousness will further bring tight schedules on your way, because that’s the energy you radiate, which will come back to you. The more the hurry, the more people will feel the energy of it and feel uncomfortable with you. Also, remember a short term failure is a better deal than long term harm to your mind, body and relationships. So, perform the tasks of significance, drive your car to office, finish your house work and office routine and even have a busy social life, but all of it in a relaxed, unhurried and untired state of mind. This way, you will enjoy life’s moments, receive long term success at all levels and not feel the pressure of deadlines and people’s time driven expectations from you.  

Step 3 – All The World’s A Stage And We Are All Merely Actors – Every morning tell yourself that I am an actor on the world stage and everything I do here is my role to play. An actor on a drama stage never identifies with his role. He knows the role is temporary and he has to return home to reality after the role is played. One of the most significant causes of stress is the thought – I am the role, which is also called an inverted consciousness. The correct consciousness instead is that I am a spiritual actor and the role is my act. My role is temporary and not my real self. My real self is me, the soul or being, full of qualities and powers. The more the detachment with the role, the lesser the stress when in the role, things don’t go the way I may want or expect. Also, everyone else is also an actor and sometimes their act will not be as I may expect or predict, but I remain light because I know thatpositive influence is easier than negative control. If I try to control the other person’s act, I will create a stressful mind, relationship and environment. If I influence the actor instead, by radiating good wishes to him, the other person will change and act positively and I will also be free from stress.

Step 4 – I Gave My Inner Control To Someone Else … Take It In Your Hands – Stress is commonly caused because we allow another person or situation to control our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Imagine you were told that in the whole day you will lift your hand or shut your eyelids when someone told you to do so. Would that thought not make you feel uncomfortable? Don’t allow someone else or an external situation to move or control your thoughts, which give rise to your feelings and attitudes. Take the control in your hands. What that means is we create our thoughts but don’t let thoughts be negative reactions to actions of others or to event changes around us. People will be negative and situations will not be as I desire at times, but my thoughts should be positive, peaceful and powerful at all times. Stress will disappear when we begin to be our own masters at every moment. So create a stress-free affirmation every morning – I am the ruler and controller of my own thoughts. Today my every single thought will be my own positive creation. I will not allow anyone or any difficult situation to overpower my mind and weaken this creation. I will respond positively, not react negatively.  

Step 5 – Stress Is Normal … It’s High Time You Challenged This Belief – Freedom from stress will never take place until you stop accepting that a little bit of stress is good or normal. We are all used to holding on to stress and allowing it to overpower our mind so much that it suffocates us mentally and emotionally. Stress is an unnatural emotion. The reason why we feel it is normal and good because we have been conditioned by the world around us, the information it provides and the lifestyle it has set for us. Problems and challenges are normal in our current lifestyles. But we feel that it is impossible to overcome them by keeping a light mind, which is free from stress. For some, stress thrills, but do remember that in the long run it kills me and the efficiency of the tasks I perform. For some, stress motivates, but at some point of time it also dominates me and people around me to make relationships difficult. For some, stress strengthens, but as you go on, it creates illnesses in the mind and the body which weaken you.  

In spiritual service,
Brahma Kumaris