About the Media Wing


Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF) is a sister organisation of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya and has similar aims and purposes that are accomplished through its 20 wings. The Media Wing of RERF works in support of the Brahma Kumaris institution in the bid to uplift humanity through spreading the knowledge of applied spiritual values as found in the teachings of Rajyoga.

Both, nationally and internationally, the wing is experiencing a lot of co-operation from various areas of the media. A network of concerned journalists throughout the world are committed to bringing positive news into the press and are taking up the responsibility of influencing society in a positive way. The Media Wing has taken up the challenge to awaken the public interest in spirituality, in values and in exercising their right to knowledgeable opinion about the issues of the day.

Constitution: In early 1980s Media Wing was formed as a powerful and influential wing among 20 Service Wings under the aegis of Brahma Kumaris’ Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF).

  1. Aims & Objects: Practice and Promotion of Positive and Value-Based Journalism by media-persons in print, electronic, cyber, traditional and promotional media services.
  2. Activities: For realization of the afore said objectives
    1. Media Wing has been covering, reporting, publishing, broadcasting, telecasting and highlighting issues, events, programs, people and activities which directly or indirectly promote the culture, practice and spread of core values like peace, poise, positivism, brotherhood, cooperation, commitment, truth, transparency, fearlessness, non-violence, justice, equality, unity, integrity, dignity, honesty, hard work and spiritual wisdom for holistic health, harmony, happiness and sustainable development in people’s life and society
    2. Media Wing has been discouraging the unhealthy and dangerous trends, tenor, contents and elements of falsity, fashion, fad, violence, vulgarity, obscenity, negativity, sensuality, sensationalism, consumerism, commercialism, competition, disharmony, discords and disunity in any form in regular reportage, coverage, coverage, publications, broadcast, telecast, cyber communication or in other forms of mass media communications.
    3. Besides taking the value based message and activities of 17 other wings of the Brahma Kumaris Institution to masses and to all professions, sections and segments of society; media wing’s main focus is on creating, sustaining and becoming a reliable and viable medium, a broad & value based platform and a consistent and conscientious channel of properly informing, educating and guiding the public on the experiential path of inner empowerment, on the essential unity, harmony and brotherhood of mankind under the spiritual fatherhood of one Supreme Being with the help of and on the basis of India’s ancient spiritual wisdom, ethos, culture, values, rajyoga meditation, and healthy life style.
    4. The wing is guided by the philosophy and belief system that the practice of spiritualism or universal human values as distinctly different from various routine religious ritualism, can serve as a beacon light and as an ending source of inspiration and empowerment for proper cultivation and implementation of journalistic values among media persons and in modern mass media whether in the shape of a profession or in the spirit of a mission; to serve society and its people better.
    5. For spreading these messages and awareness, for evoking interest, for inducing similar practices and for enlisting the support and participation of likeminded media professionals and academicians across the country and the world, the media wing holds social, spiritual and media campaigns, conferences, seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and theme based trainings from time to time in all parts of the country for popularizing the philosophy and practice of positive and value based journalism and media communications towards building better life and society on earth.
  3. Outcome: As an outcome of these efforts for last several years by media wing, many media persons, working journalists, media academicians, NGOs and associates have come forward to join hands and to work together for the noble task of self, social and world transformation.