Brahma Kumaris Volunteer to Provide Food Packs and Face Shields in Philippines


Manila(Philippines): The Brahma Kumaris Davao Center prepared face shields in collaboration with other interfaith groups such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Focolare, and the Hindu Temple.

One of the meditation practitioners is a doctor in Sta Ana Hospital meant for Covid-19 patients, and aid was given on a personal, voluntary basis, to give help in-kind, such as food packs with printed inspirational thoughts (Blessing cards) on Thursdays. Others items — such as face shields, packs of bottled water, medicinal alcohol, a big package of PPEs (personal protective equipment) and disinfectant bottles — from BK friends and contacts were given to the hospital.

Activities by Brahma Kumaris Philippines during the Quarantine time:

♠ Public Program: Meditation “Para Sa Bayan” (Meditation for the Country)

LIVE Daily Meditation, Para Sa Bayan at 4 pm daily is open to the public, which can be found in the Face Book pages of the Brahma Kumaris Quezon City and Brahma Kumaris Makati City. There are also memes on positivity, peace and the like posted at Pause Muna, and Peace Muna Facebook.

♠ National Akhand Bhatti (Intense Meditation)

Starting March 17, when the major cities of the country went into an enhanced community quarantine, the BK Philippines family participated in a national akhand bhatti (continual deep meditation) from 8 am to 8 pm.  That is, every BK, voluntarily chose how many hour/s and at what time they can participate. The focus was on one daily point of consciousness following the theme of “A Powerful Yogi in Tapasya.” Everyone felt that, while doing this special service through the mind (mansa seva) to uplift the atmosphere during this pandemic time, there was also a lift in one’s personal effort.

Starting April 12, BKs in the Philippines joined the global BK family in a synchronized collective yoga of 15 minutes.

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