Celebration of 30 Years of Service and Launching of “Pause for Peace” Campaign in Costa Rica


Costa Rica (America): The “Pause for Peace” campaign was inaugurated as a public program in which Guillermo García, Director of the Guild School of the National Association of Educators; Lorna Chacón, Director of the National Radio and Television System; and Cathy Prado, Director of the Radios of the University of Costa Rica, spoke about the videos and radio wedges of a minute of meditation, with which they will be supporting the “Pause for Peace” campaign.

In addition, former First Lady Margarita Penón commented on how she met the Brahma Kumaris 30 years ago with the coming of BK Sister Jayanti to the Peace Conference. She inspired everyone to pause for peace, as she has learned throughout these years of close relationship with the Brahma Kumaris.

BK Dipti from Africa showed a video of how the initiative was carried out in Africa, which left everyone very motivated. BK Vedanti shared about how to meditate and put the pause for peace into practice in family, work and student life. The talk was very enjoyable, and people were left with the desire to put it into practice.

After the talk, the BKs received several messages of thanks and requests to start the workshops with 400 young people from the National Learning Institute. The campaign took place from September 1st to September 21st, 2019, and closed with the celebration for the International Day for Peace, with a massive meditation in a recognized cultural place in the province of Cartago.

The BK family celebrated their 30th anniversary with classes, picnics, teachers meeting and delicious powerful food. In addition to motivating us to have a much closer and more natural relationship with God, BK Vedanti and BK Dipti responded to many concerns, with humor and depth.

They also shared the materials made in Africa of the “Pause for Peace” initiative, with which workshops will be held to promote the practice of this brief meditation exercise.

A radio program was carried out, and a week of meditation was scheduled to send peace to each province of the country per day, in order to generate a powerful atmosphere that makes the campaign a success.

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