Children’s Personality Development Program Concluded


Shantivan, Abu Road:In the Valedictory Session of The 38th All India Children’s Personality Development Camp, Dr. B.K. R.P. Gupta appealed the children to be the ideal example of what they learnt here. He also impressed upon them to plant trees, thereby fulfilling the mission of planting 80 lakh trees in the country.

Dr. B.K. Harish Shukla, National Co-ordinator, Education Wing, said, “Success is achieved with the blessings of the elders. With God’s blessings, this 38th All India Children Personality Development Camp, which is instrumental in inculcating values and spirituality in the children hailing from all over the country, will inspire them to be the role models for others. God Father Shiva has filled the mental coffers of the children with spiritual love and vigour.”

B.K. Bhupal, Manager, Shantivan, said, “The children have made Shantivan very colorful and enhanced its charm and beauty. God Father is taking all care of you including your physical needs by providing various kinds of foods and your mental spiritual needs providing with knowledge and Rajyoga. You are the chosen souls amongst the crores of people.” He also blessed them to live longer and remain happy.

B.K. Mruthyunjay, Vice Chaiperson, Education Wing, said, “The foundation of personality development is knowledge. The purity of the children should remain intact. For this, Shantivan has become the place of inspiration. God Father has given the blessing for maintenance of purity. Practice of Rajayoga taught here also helps in personality development and in inculcation of divine virtues. Here, Dadis and senior Sisters and Brothers are also helping you in development of your inner powers through their inspiration and co-operation. You are getting here new thoughts and visions for your bright future.” He also thanked the parents and teachers, who accompanied the children.

B.K. Munni, General Manager, Shantivan, offered her words of blessings to the children, saying, “You have the right to come to Baba’s home. I am very delighted to find you here and take care of physical and mental needs. I wish that you will go to local Brahma Kumaris Centres and attain spiritual classes. I wish that you will maintain a balance between your worldly and spiritual studies, and be the example for others by inculcating divine virtues and giving up the evil tendencies like fighting, speaking lies, stealing, etc. Try to show your parents and teachers through your behavior.”

Some students shared their beautiful and inspiring personal experiences of what they achieved during the various personality programmes in a span of their seven day stay here.

Dr. B. K. Harindra, Executive Member, Education Wing, Varanasi, offered vote of thanks to the guests, audience and all the staffs of the various departments, whose help and co-operation made the event a grand success.

Dr. B.K. Mamta, Executive Member, Education Wing, Ahmedabad, co-ordinated the stage activities very effectively and successfully.

At last, the winners of the Divine Group were distributed prizes/awards on different competitions such as: (i). Extempore Speech Competition, (ii). Creative Poem Writing Competition, (iii). Quiz Competition, (iv). Value-based Creative Commentary Competition, (v). Mimicry Competition, (vi). Value-based Story Writing Competition, (vii). 100 Metre Race, (viii). Long Jump Competition, (ix). Three-legged Race, Yogasana Competition.

The winners of the Angel Group were distributed awards on different competitions such as: (i).Extempore Creative Drawing Competition, (ii). Waste to Best Competition, (iii). Collage Work Competition, (iv). Mono-Acting Competition,(v). Chorus (Group) Song Competition, (vi). Extempore Creative Drawing Competition, (vii). 100 Metre Race, (viii). Long Jump Competition, (ix). Sack Race Competition, (x). Musical Chair Competition, (xi). Lemon-Spoon Race, (xii). Yogasana Competition.

Reported By: Dr. Brahma Kumar Yudhisthir (Ph.D.),
Associate Editor, The World Renewal Magazine &
Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan.

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