Chief Minister Yediyurappa & Dadi Janki Inaugurated Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Karnataka Godly Services


Bangalore: Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri B.S. Yediyurappa appreciated the Brahma Kumaris Godly services in Karnataka. Facing many odds, the organization has progressed very well. Bharat has been practicing spirituality for a long time and awakening the people. He recalled the services rendered by Dadi Hridaya Pushpa. This organization is bringing a huge transformation in people. Dadiji’s sacrifices for this organization are greatly appreciated and she has been an instrument for changing the life of lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of people.

Hon. Chief Minister was speaking at the Mega event for the Diamond Jubilee of Karnataka Godly Services and  the Women’s Empowerment Campaign organised by the Brahma Kumaris, Bengaluru. at its Vishwa Shanti Rajayoga Bhavan.

Rajyogini Dr. Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, remembered Brahma Baba and how Godly Services started in Bangalore. She recollected many years ago that BK Hridaya Pushpa Dadi was sent to Bangalore to spread the Godly message. While addressing the gathering, she had everyone say “Om Shanti” to experience peace. She urged to let go of body consciousness, become soul conscious, and connect the self (soul) with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. One who has faith in the intellect is victorious.  It is a blessing to always remain unshakable and immovable. While performing any tasks, we need 5 qualities — Purity, Divinity, Truthfulness, Humbleness and Sweetness — which will make us light, experience the angelic stage, and be victorious.

BK Karuna, Chief of Multimedia of the Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu explained how the BK organization is spreading the message of one God to the whole world. Also, BKs are spreading the concept of one family and we are all children of one God. Hence, we should not have any differences among ourselves. The Brahma Kumaris Media Wing are broadcasting Godly messages and Spiritual programs in 2 channels – Peace of Mind TV and Awakening TV. Today we are a family of about 20 lakh (2,000,000) members who are spreading the Godly message to the world.

Other Distinguished Guests of Honour were Sri Shanthaveera Mahaswamiji, Kolada Mutt; Sri V. Somanna, Minister of Housing, Government of Karnataka; Sri M. Krishnappa, MLA, Bangalore South constituency; Sri S.R. Vishwanath, MLA, Yelahanka, Bangalore; Sri P.G. R. Sindhia, former Minister of Karnataka; and Sri Harish Aradhya, President of Navagraha Peetha, Bengaluru, Rajayogi Dr. Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris; Rajyogini BK Ambika, Organizer of the Mega event and Director of VV Puram Subzone, Bengaluru; and many senior Brahma Kumars and Kumaris of the Karnataka sub zone were present on the dais.

Lamp Lighting, Cake Cutting and Cultural programs added joy and festivity to the whole event.

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