Dr. Satish Gupta Conducts 3-Day Training Program “The Heart on Your Palm” in St. Petersburg


St.Petersburg, Russia : A three-day training program “The Heart on Your Palm” was conducted by Dr. Satish Gupta at Light House, Brahma Kumaris Center here, for medical professionals, heart patients, and everyone whose choice is a healthy lifestyle. A unique format was tailored to ensure a holistic approach towards understanding the causes of heart diseases and the remedies for cure and prevention.  Lectures and master-classes by Dr. Satish Gupta were intertwined with panel discussions, stretching exercises, cultural items and videos. As Dr. S. Gupta explained, “Health is not a state, it is a dynamic process of harmonizing physical, mental and spiritual energies. Therefore for achieving complete health we need a three-dimensional approach of attending to our body, mind and soul.”

A panel on “Synergistic Effect of Modern Technologies, Doctor’s Personality and Patient’s Inner Resources” was conducted by Prof. Alexander Shabrov, academician, honorary rector of I I. Mechnikov Medical Academy, cardiologist with 50 years of experience, and Ms. Valentina Suloyeva, director general of “Health” Treatment and Diagnostic Centre. Prof. Alexander Shabrov highlighted the importance of social and spiritual factors for ensuring health by saying, “When a person’s life agenda is exclusively individual and he or she does not care for their family and community, it causes personality deformities resulting, among other things, in severe heart diseases. Your ability to stay in harmony with others makes you healthy both spiritually and physically.” Dr. Valentina Suloyeva talked about the benefits of a vegetarian diet for ensuring complete health: “A vegetarian diet is a kind of panacea for many diseases. This diet is by all means the most natural for humans. It is also important to cook while keeping our mind serene, with love and care.”

A panel on “Education and Health: Choosing an Adequate Lifestyle” became an insightful dialogue conducted by Prof. Oleg Lebedev, lead expert on education of the St. Petersburg government, professor of Higher School of Economics (HSE), and Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, Vice President of the European Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Prof. Oleg Lebedev appreciated the principle of lifelong learning practiced at the Brahma Kumaris by saying that continuous learning is the main basis for staying in high spirits throughout our life. Prof. Vladimir Khavinson praised the atmosphere of optimism, peace and joy prevalent in Lighthouse, saying that to stay exposed to this atmosphere was the “best anti-stress factor for longevity.”

A seminar “Lamp of Hope for Desperate Hearts” conducted by Dr. Satish Gupta introduced the concept of a “Three-Dimensional Approach to Healthy Body, Happy Mind and Healthy Heart” to medical professionals, doctors, nurses and social workers of St. Petersburg. Dr. S. Gupta shared the results of the unique study on Regression of Coronary Atherosclerosis through Healthy Lifestyle held at the Global Hospital and Research Centre in Mount Abu that had saved life and returned health to more than 9,000 patients.

At the valedictory session, appraising Dr. S. Gupta’s contribution to the field of preventive cardiology, Prof. Alexander Shabrov said, “Being a cardiac surgeon with more than 50 years of experience, I can state that what Dr. S. Gupta says about the impact of meditation on the entire body through the thalamus is true. Life is the main gift for us from God. We have been born to be happy, however each one of us is destined to stay in today’s aggressive environment. Therefore it’s crucial to learn how to protect oneself from negative influences. Meditation is all about learning to talk to oneself in solitude, concentrating on what is positive and supportive for you. It is a reminder that originally you are a loving personality. Therefore it has a vital role to play in ensuring our health and well-being.”

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