Intl. Day of Yoga on “Easy Exercises for the Soul and Body” at St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg:  An International Day of Yoga program was held at the St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris “Lighthouse” on the topic “Easy Exercises for the Soul and Body” organized by the Brahma Kumaris and supported by the Consulate of India in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sister BK Santosh, Director of the St. Petersburg Center of the Brahma Kumaris; Mr. Ram Chander, Hatha yoga teacher; and Ms. Meudon Tomi, Doctor of Ayurveda; were the main speakers of the event.

Life is all about CONNECTIONS. Modern technologies have made them more intense than ever before. Mobile phones and social media, international air travel and bank transactions, as well as billions of other ways of communication and interaction are making it easier for us to connect to one another, changing our life into a more comfortable and satisfying one.

Raja Yoga is the “supreme,” or “highest” CONNECTION. It enables us to have a link with our true inner self and with the Supreme Source of spiritual powers. Raja Yoga fulfills the urge of our heart to replenish the treasures of peace, love and happiness that have been lost by humanity in the course of time. This CONNECTION enables us to achieve both mental and physical health. By touching the common core of our spiritual nature, it unites people across the world, irrespective of their nationality, religious and cultural backgrounds.

The public event “Easy Exercises for the Soul and Body” held on the sunny morning of June 21 in the green and beautiful Peace Park of Lighthouse, brought together experienced yoga practitioners and people who were just beginning to discover for themselves the joy of meditation.

Welcoming the audience, Didi Santosh, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, said that in order to enjoy health and happiness, we should make every thought of ours positive, pure and benevolent.

Mr. Ram Chander, official teacher of hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation of the Consulate General of India, and Ms. Irina Laryshkina, a qualified hatha yoga coach (St. Petersburg), conducted a series of physical exercises useful for maintaining a state of freshness and relaxation.

Ms. Meudon Tomi, Doctor of Ayurveda at the Ayurdar Centre in St. Petersburg, was among the special guests of the event.