Manish Sisodia, Dy. CM of Delhi Inaugurates University & College Educators Conference


Mount Abu: The four-Day on the theme of  ‘Values and Spirituality for Empowerment of the Self’ was inaugurated on May 19, 2018 at 10 am at the Gyan Sarovar Campus of the Brahma Kumaris. With Hon’ble Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of the Govt of Delhi as the Chief Guest of this inaugural session, started quite enthusiastically as most of the participants were eagerly awaiting the positive discourse.

BK Suman, National Co-ordinator, Education Wing, who also conducted the stage charged the audience with enthusiasm with her enlivening remarks that a lack of quality education is leading to depression and aggression among the youth and by failing to attain the desired peace and happiness in life, one is shaken and completely broken at the end. Welcoming the participants and the guests, Dr. RP Gupta, HQ Coordinator, Distance Value Education Programmes, emphasized the need for frequent deliberations and corrections on the state of present day education. Dr. Harish Shukla, National Coordinator of the Education Wing highlighted the theme of the conference and its enhanced significance in the daily changing scenario of education in the highly polluted atmosphere of our material society. BK Pandiamani gave a brief report of the achivements of the distance education in collaboration with many universities. Till now more than 24000 students have successfully completed the value education programmes.

Prof HM Maheshwaraiah, Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi, appreciating the serene and soothing atmosphere of the Brahma Kumaris campus preferred to call it an ‘International Peace University’. He went on to say that with all our money and monetary attainments we cannot bring such a harmonious and disciplined atmosphere as is found here at the Gyan Sarovar. This kind of educational discipline and dedication is needed across the nation. He appreciated the idea of the Thought Laboratory of the Brahma Kumaris and offered to introduce such a concept and infrastructure at the campus of his university. His contention is that the youth today is more in need of love, compassion, understanding than the dull and mechanical information that is being flooded on him. He also appreciated the literature on values researched and produced by the Brahma Kumaris and he made a specific mention of two books ‘Inner Beauty’ and ‘The Living Values’. He categorically asserted the positive co-relationship between spirituality and successful living. The inner freedom that is perhaps the crux of all happiness and positive feeling is possible only through the values and spirituality advocated by the Brahma Kumaris, he said.

Continuing the discussion of self-empowerment initiated by BK Suman Behn, Prof. S.P. Singh, Vice-Chancellor University of Lucknow, said that  unlike other worldy institutions which are limited in their scope by way of admission, syllabus, age and number of candidates to be admitted etc., the Brahma Kumaris organisation is limitless. While othr institutions across the world churn out discomfort, violence etc. this institution assures love, peace and happiness. It is so peaceful, blissful and soothing because here is the learning of a journey within. The attainments here are experienced and realisedand not just expressed in words. Here you find no criticism, no censure but only acceptance and tolerance and that too with a smile. It is where all the universities and colleges across the world fail but this organisation is successfully practicing the cult and value of humanism, of love and happiness for all. We have experienced the power of our muscles, wealth, socio-political influence but have failed to be happy, but one finds the practicability of positive thinking here in the Rajyoga, values and spirituality. Ironically the problem with man is that he is not willing to accept that he lacks certain qualities and he should learn to attain and practice them.

Making his Chief Guest assertions, the Chief Guest Hon’ble Shri Manish Sisodia opened his remarks with treating the Education Wing of the Brahma Kumaris as an integral part of the Indian Society that is rooted in values and spirituality. He inspired the audience that they should all think of the vision of family, family and the world which they would like to have and which they would like to hand over to their children. One shudders to think of the world, full of hatred, violence, sins and injustice that is coming up gradually across the whole human world. Major responsibility lies on education that can take us out of conflict and make our life happy and peaceful on the foundations of spirituality. It should be a system of education that can assure you that your child will not be shot dead in the school by a fellow student. Moreover the core of education, values, understanding, and self-thinking, are badly missing from our system. Our students may be successful but they are not happy and they are not even contented with what they may have attained. In this context arises the question of success, that may be defined differently by different people. Hence comes the question of the value of syllabus that is taught at a school or university. So we need to determine what is our value of the syllabus, is it just limited to the marks that one can attain in an examination? In fact our system of examination has rather destroyed the whole concept of learning and making ourselves wise and learned in the true and practical sense of the term.

Earlier Rajyogi Nirwair Bhai Ji, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, through his tele-message emphasized that the universities and institutions of learning empower the youth with knowledge so that they can attain their place in the society. He emphasized that true educators inspire their learners since they act as the role-models of what they teach and preach.

Rajyogini BK Shukla Didi, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram (Haryana) emphasized that values are the cherished ornaments and a strong foundation of human existence. They are like the fragrant flowers. But values are nourished in the laboratory of ethics and spirituality without which they would be no better than an orphan. She laid stress on the idea that their teaching would make no impact unless they are practiced in one’s practical day-to-day life. No doubt most people appreciate these values but they fail to adopt only because they lack will power. Will power is always based on one’s grooming in spirituality.

Delivering her blessings to the participants of the conference, Dadi Ratan Mohini Ji, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, laid stress on the need for ‘Good Wishes’ for one and all. She told the audience that we all talk of One God, the Supreme Father. As such we should all be brothers and sisters and the members of the same godly family. Naturally we should not have any ill-will for our brothers and sisters and should also never think of spreading hatred and violence within the same family. She advised the listeners that this human life is much more precious than we all think and assume and as such we should not waste it in negative and sinful deeds.

Prof. BK Mukesh, Zonal Co-ordinator of Education Wing, Rajasthan presented a vote of thanks.

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