“Media Sangamam Program” Inaugurated by Member of Parliament in Palakkad


A state-level meeting to discuss a new regional Malayalam channel, Rajayoga TV, for Godly services in Kerala was held at Shivajyothibhavan in Palakkad.

All main BKs and media-related BKs from all over Kerala’s 14 districts attended the meeting. About 150 participants actively contributed their ideas and support for this channel.

A media meeting was inaugurated by Member of Parliament (MP) from Palakkad VK Sreekandan and the logo of the TV Channel was unveiled by the respected MP.

Pioneers in Media Services in Kerala were honored during the meeting:

  • Shivajyothi Media of Palakkad’s youtube channel, Shivajyothimedia, achieved 1.05 lakh subscribers; BK Gopalakrishnan and BK Anil were congratulated for their services.
  • BK Meena and BK Sheeba, two youtube stars, were also congratulated.
  • BK Krishna Kumar and BK Rajan were congratulated for their media services from Madhuban and Kerala.

November 1st is Kerala State formation day; on this day the official National Level launching of this channel is planned to be held at Kochi.

Rajayoga TV Malayalam channel is now available on the internet and can be viewed using:

  • Brahma Kumaris Live Application, this app can be downloaded from google play store
  • Youtube channel – Rajayoga TV Malayalam
  • Jio TV – Rajyoga Malayalam