‘Mobility Management of Mind’ Programme for IT Professionals in Navi Mumbai


Navi Mumbai-Vashi, 12 Aug : A program was organized for IT professionals of Navi Mumbai by IT Wing of Brahmakumaris at Aatmachintan Bhavan (Vashi Navi Mumbai)

On this auspicious occasion, more than 170 IT professionals from various IT Companies, such as Reliance Industries, JIO, Oracle, Siemens, Global Cloud Exchange, TCS, Capegemini, HCL, Vodafone, SBI, JP Morgan, Tata Communication, IDBI,  participated and took benefit out of it.

In this event Sh Venkatesh s – Head of Risk and Internal Control (Siemens), Sh Anuj Batra – Senior Manager, Global Cloud Exchange, Ms Suchit Batra – Directo, Auric Search, Rajyogi Brother Karuna, P.R.O. & Chief of Multi Media – Brahmakumaris, Rajyogini BK Sheela Didi, Centre incharge, Brahma Kumaris, Vashi Navi Mumbai, BK Sister Shreya, Borivali, Mumbai participated and addressed the conference.

Chief Guest Sh Venkatesh had shared his valuable thoughts, “He insist everyone to take control of their life and this is the time to practice spirituality in life and Brahmakumaris is the right place for begin. He said, without God intervention this task can not be completed. He has also asked to visit Brahmakumaris Campus and attend IT Conference.”

Chief Guest Sister Suchit Batra has shared, “We the Human Being or Human Brain has created these technologies, But Technology has hijacked us. She also shared, I am very thankful to Brahmakumaris and its Volunteers for inviting me.”

Chief Guest Brother Anuj Patra has shared, “We have to take care of 2 things, OUR NATURE and MOTHER NATURE. We are consuming from Nature but it’s time to nurture nature through our inner nature. And we should not wait for 60 years to start spirituality or postpone it.”

Respected Brother Karuna ji had shared his valuable words, “In this world, everyone knows about Buddhi(Intellect), Sanskar ( Habit), but no one knows about MIND. Because of which we have to come to this place to understand the mind and its functionality. Since no college, school and company taught about mind.

Keynote speaker for this event was Sister Shreya from Borivali subzone Mumbai, and she has talked about Stress, Tension, and Depression and reason behind.

She had convinced everyone that, irrespective of situation and pressure we can take responsibility of our mind, and this has to be our mantra.

I am creator of my thoughts I have choice in any situation.

She also talked about various aspect of relationships and how to deal with situation which is not in our favor, still we can take charge of our self by becoming patience and loveful.

She conducted Meditation for all the IT professionalsalso.

BK Sheela didi had mentioned, “Mind is like a Horse, but God teaches us, you have to ride a horse by taking control of it using intellect.

Video Link – Mobility Management of Mind – Video Link

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