National Media Conference on ‘Better Society’ in Bhopal


Bhopal: A National Media Conference on the theme ” Role of Media in Establishing a Better Society” was organised at CEDMAP Auditorium here.

Inaugurating the conference, the Chief Guest Mr. Vishwas Sarang, Hon. Minister of State for Cooperation, Panchayat and Rural Development, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh said, “Since long debate is going on to create a better society. This program is arranged by Brahma Kumaris because they know that only Media is capable to do that. But Media is busy in correcting the Politicians. It is least bothered about the society. In this regard Brahma Kumaris are praiseworthy. Such programs should be held regularly”.

Rajayogi B.K. Karuna, the Chairperson, Media Wing, Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu in his Presidential note said, “Today since moral values are lacking in Man we can’t imagine of value based society. No school or college is teaching values which was taught earlier at Gurukulas. Presently Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is teaching ancient Indian culture through Value Education to entire mankind. It is high time that Media should co-operate them”.

Mr. N.K.Singh, Senior TV Journalist from Delhi said, “Media and people both have neglected their responsibilities towards improvement of society”. He further said, “Values are of two types. One is inner divine values of Peace, Love, Bliss and Cooperation etc. The other one keeps changing as per the situation…. Media has got to change it’s News Character. It must minimize the political reporting that’s of no avail. It must focus now on economical issues”. He said that there are 3.30 crores of legal laws in the world, even then offences are growing up”. Lastly he said, “Moral values evolve from Mother’s lap. The greatest Value in the world is – never deviate from Truth”.

Prof. Kamal Dixit, National Convener, Society of Media Initiative for Values, Bhopal  said that in creating a good society Media can play a major active role. It has to be a Guide. It must emerge it’s intrinsic strength.

Mr. Dipti Tiwari, Senior Journalist said that the Media is in the race of Television Rating Point (TRP).  It has now become a Data World.

Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Madhya Pradesh Madhyam, Mr. Pushpendra Pal Singh said that the awareness has demolished the faith of people in Media. It’s now, the change in society is highly needed.

Mr. Shiv Anurag Pateria, Senior Journalist said that the society is getting addicted to Social Media and it’s very difficult to escape from it’s influence.

Bro. BK Sushant, National Co-ordinater, Media Wing, Brahma Kumaris, Delhi inspired the audience thru his speech.

Sis. BK Reena, Incharge, Brahma Kumaris, Gulmohar Colony Branch welcomed all participants who came from across the country. She made everyone to experience the peace of mind by demonstrating Raja Yoga meditation.

In the closing session Mr. Alok Sanjar, MP from Bhopal said that everyone in society, Media, Politicians, People and Administrators have their own roles to perform. We forget good in life very soon but never anything bad, we keep on lamenting.

Others who presented their views were Madhukar Dwivedi, Mahesh Dixit, Vinod Naagar, Devendra Joshi, Katyayini Chaturvedi, Satish Eliya, Radhavallabh Sharda and Mamta Yadav. Many senior Editors and Journalists attended the Conference.

Kumari Sri and Kumari Dolly performed graceful dance, where as BK Rucha made all to perform musical exercise to boost their morale. BK Anil Soumitra did the anchoring in the last session very nicely.

Press Release media conference 09th Sept’2018


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