“Oh Mind, Don’t Become Weary” Public Program at Melbourne


Melbourne : Youhorn Chea , Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong, Melbourne; BK Letchu, President of the Brahma Kumaris in Malaysia were part of the opening ceremony of the public program titled “Oh Mind, Don’t Become Weary” held at Dandenong.  Following the candle lighting ceremony, two young dancers entertained the audience with their talent.

BK Letchu took the audience on a journey of the importance of having good thoughts as it is food for our behaviour. He touched the hearts of the audience when he said that “the body has the immune power to recover from sickness but what about the mind’s recovery from its sickness from having negative thoughts”. He further explained about positive and negative thoughts and their influence on us. He emphasized the importance of storing positive qualities and thoughts within us so that we can use them at the time of need.

BK Letchu then explained about:

  • The soul
  • Qualities of the soul
  • The faculties of the soul

He talked about the importance of thinking creatively and how creative thinking brings newness in one’s life. He also touched on the importance of cooking food with love and how it influences those who eat it.  He suggested to the audience to do whatever you want to do with interest and to study with interest.

BK Letchu also suggested to the audience to take some time to learn the seven day course that Brahma Kumaris teach. Then he asked them “who has no time?”and his response surprised and created some laughter when he said that “only those who have died have no time”. In conclusion he said “whatever happens don’t let go of your happiness”.

The program ended with a talk on meditation followed by a live commentary by BK Alagarsamy and a beautiful spiritual song by BK Sathesh Krishna.

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