Labor Day Program on “Karma and Silence” in Tacloban City, Philippines


Tacloban City (Leyte, Eastern Visayas, Philippines): On Labor Day, more than forty people took the opportunity to participate in a one-day public program of the Brahma Kumaris.  Two meditation practitioners with more than twenty years of experience who are corporate executives were the main speakers for this program.

BK Jonathan discussed the law, principles, philosophy and types of karma.  Some of the questions raised and answered were: Why is it that, despite helping others, what comes back is still negative?  For example, if you lend someone money intending to help that person, what if you are not paid back? How do you end your karmic account?  Is it possible to have positive thoughts for others when they don’t accept your advice? How do we purify our thoughts?

BK Juan Luis (JL) conducted exercises and several workshops on depositing and withdrawing karmic accounts, on forgiving the self and on gratefulness.  He also shared how meditation helped shape him as a person.   He said that he writes and focuses on positive things he wants to practice, then meditates on them and acts on them.

BK Becky, at the end of each talk, discussed the meditation process along with a live guided commentary.