Pause for Peace-a Brahma Kumaris Initiative for Youth Leaders in Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi-Kenya: Pause for Peace was a Brahma Kumaris Initiative which provided a platform for Kenyans to create Positive Change and have good wishes and peaceful thoughts for Kenya.  It was an opportunity to PAUSE for a moment to connect with the self and God. This vision came at a time when our country is in deep political crisis with a tense environment arising from the daily violent demonstrations.

The aim and vision was to target youth from different slums in Nairobi who are likely to be used in instigating violence.  It is very challenging to handle this category of youths from the slums: nobody has ever tried to bring these youths from different slums in Nairobi together for such kind of peace events. Even the government has tried and is still trying to bring youths together but have not been successful.

The youth leaders from the slums and various universities were invited to the Brahma Kumaris centre in small groups to get the experience the vibration of peace which they could share with others and inspire them to come.   These leaders shared wonderful experiences

  • this will change our thinking, this will change our nation. We should continue working on this…. (Ex-Mayor of Thika)
  • the peace I have received inside is a life changer, a new page opener…
  • our inner self is a reflection of our outer self. Peace starts from within… 
  • to have peace in Kenya, we have to have peace within and with our neighbours…
  • first time I experienced inner peace like this…

The youth leaders were so touched that they owned the project.  They took up various responsibilities of bring other youths, registration, photography, video etc. during the event.  They even publicized this event on social media.

Several beautifully decorated tents with the colours of the Kenyan flag were put up in the compound of the centre which could accommodate around 300 people at a time.

The event was planned with 4 sessions of one and half hours for each group.  While the groups came 3 yogis were seated on the stage with AUM playing in the background.  After registration they were given a t-shirt printed with the Pause for Peace logo and they sat in the powerful atmosphere created with this chanting of AUM.   Each leader brought groups ranging from 50 – 200 youths in each session. Once all were seated they were given a brief explanation about the topic and how to go into this inner journey of experience.  Live meditation commentary was conducted to give the experience of deep peace for about 45mins.  Some youths shared inspiring experiences.

A hotspot was created for these youths to connect to the internet and send their experiences and photos via face book, twitter, instagram instantly after the experience, which has become viral among the youths in Kenya and still continues.  Internationally the messages reached as far as Germany, Australia, Singapore, Bangkok, UK, etc.

In total around 800 youths joyfully experienced peace and shared with each other their wonderful and inspiring experiences.

On leaving the participants were given a handout with the method on how to reflect with a short commentary on peace and a sticker with a short commentary on peace which they could stick in various places.

During this initiative, in spite of the political tension the team visited Kibera to give a peace experience to the student leaders and teachers.

Prof. Noah Ochieng Midamba the Vice-Chancellor of Kenya College of Accountancy University and a respected statesman in the society came to witness these youths experiencing inner peace. He was very inspired and now this message would now reach many students of the University.

The initiative still continues with many more follow up programmes.


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